Chelsea Hickey

Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers began as an informative blog for my family – you know, so I didn’t have to call everyone, every day while I was pregnant and after I had Brady. I am a Marine Corps Wife, mom to a toddler and owner of Sparkle Social—a social media & blog strategy and design consultation agency. In my professional life, aside from Sparkle Social, I am the Digital Marketing Manager at Zuberance, a company I worked very close with during my time at Rubio's.

Diamonds: Me      
Dog Tags: Marine Corps Husband, Travis     
Diapers: Son, Brady

It {the blog} quickly evolved into an every day outlet for me {Chelsea}. I’ve always been known as the one who tells it like it is, without a filter. I don’t believe in beating around the bush and I like to think logically – it bothers me when other people don’t, and you’ll learn that.

There is something for everyone here. You can expect Humor, Honesty, Integrity, Insightfulness & Education on Military Life, Every day life, Current Events { not politics }, blog & social media strategy and sometimes Random Thoughts.

I am a Michigan Native, turned San Diego Resident, being held hostage in Virginia Beach by way of the Marine Corps. I’m not really being held hostage, but that’s how much I enjoy it here.

Occasionally, I post product reviews and will only review products that I am interested in and think you would be interested in.  

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