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December 05, 2013
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It's that time of year. I'm traveling, we missed our family photo shoot and I need to send out Christmas cards. I'm always a big planner, but this year has been a blur, so a beautiful card with no photo is what it'll be. 

Minted has beautiful and affordable holiday cards varying from options with no photo to 3+ photos. 

I just happen to be in California for work right now and, as you all know, I left my heart in San Diego when we moved, so this would be funny and half appropriate to send: 
I've always liked the idea of simple cards with fun highlights from the year:
Now your friends and family can deck their halls with your faces every year: 

Are you like me and plan your Christmas cards months in advance, or are you like the current me, scatter brained and sending out anything you can at this point? I am a design nut, as you know, so I'm still trying to figure out which card I love the most. Minted has the cutest designs and custom options. 


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