Which Children's Books Do You Recommend?

September 19, 2013
Brady is two and a half, which is a very fun age. His bookshelf is full of books from my childhood, some from his baby shower and a few we've purchased over the past couple of years, but the majority are mine. 

Do you ever walk through Target, the bookstore or see a book online that immediately takes you back to your childhood? Like these:
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click to order on Amazon

It got me thinking. What books will Brady see when he's older and say to his friends "OMG do you remember that book? I loved it when I was a kid." Are they going to be the same books we grew up with? What are the cool new books for kids these days? These are favorites in our house right now: 
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click to order on Amazon

How do we know which book they are going to look back on and think was amazing. Am I missing out on purchasing awesome books that every other kid in the world has? 

I know, a bit of a ridiculous thought process, but I've had the same though process with toys. Was our generation so badass that no toy or book can ever be topped? 

What books in your house are your favorite? Kids favorite? 


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