how to save money while shopping online without wasting time browsing

August 07, 2013
It's no secret that I love shopping online, having the latest and greatest beauty products & fashion, and not to mention saving money. 

Before I type my favorite online shop URL, I head to ebates first. This is not a sponsored post, but I love saving money and want you to too! 

I wrote a post in December about the legitimacy of ebates and I'm still thrilled with it. You get a $10 gift card to Target (or store of your choice) when you join and make your first purchase. 

How Ebates Works

Think about it this way - when you click on an ad on a blog or website, the owner of that page is profiting from your click. Ebates got smart and took that strategy to a whole new level - now you visit ebates, type in the store you want to shop then click from there. Ebates earns a profit (not deducted from yours) and you earn x% cash back on your purchases. 

Percentages you'll earn back change often. One day Sephora will offer 4% and the next (like today!) Sephora will offer 8% back!

If you like to look at things in person first, I recommend going to the mall, checking things out and making a list. Come home and order online and save money! Plus, you earn money when each of your friends sign up, so be a friend, and sign up here :) 

Ebates also highlights coupon codes you might not find anywhere else!

Hot offers on ebates right now

  • 8% Sephora
  • 6% Macys {this helped me decide which online registry I would be using for a friend's wedding. Macy's wins since I'll be earning cash back}
  • 5% Nordstrom
  • 30% Proactiv

It might be a few dollars here and there, but it ads up!

click to join ebates, then set it as your homepage so you never forget! 


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