Sephora + Pantone = Perfect Skin

July 23, 2013

My intentions of stopping in Sephora real quick are as genuine as my intentions of running into Target for a couple of things. 

I went in to check out air brush foundation and to see the new Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick shades, though I should've known it takes the stores about a week after email announcements to put out new products, even though they have them in the back room. 

Air brush foundations are certainly for special occasions or photo shoots - too much coverage for every day use, which I suspected but wanted to check out in person. So, naturally, I ask for recommendations for a new foundation, to my surprise, Sephora has a new, just a few days old, Color IQ. 

Sephora partnered with Pantone to offer this awesome new Color IQ. Sure, makeup artists can recommend the best shade for your skin, but this new face scanner matches your skin's undertone to every product that would be relevant for it. 

Ellen, the makeup artist on duty, took photos of three clear spots of my skin - you know, trying to find spots without sun damage or freckles. Good luck. 

I'm Pantone 1Y07 - she plugged my number into the website and it immediately yielded every foundation and powder that matches my skin. 

I tried a few of the recommended foundations and ended up purchasing Makeup Forever foundation & powder. Now that I have my number, I can browse products that match me online whenever I want. 

In the future, they will have more IQs to determine best lip color, shadows and etc... Exciting, right?

I love makeup. I love technology. I love Pantone. I love Sephora. Great day at the mall. 

Thank goodness I had plans or else I would've been there all day. Are you on your way to Sephora now? 

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I was not paid, compensated or asked to review Sephora Color IQ. I love makeup, technology and sharing awesome things with my readers. 


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