Children Growing up with Terrorism

April 16, 2013
Brady, 6 months. Copyright Chelsea Hickey
Our children are growing up in a time where terrorist attacks are, in a sense, the norm. Our parents' worries consisted of us being home before the street lights came one and making sure we did our homework. 

I don't blog often anymore, but I just shared this on Facebook and figured I'd share here, too since a lot of you are parents. 

Brady is 26 months old, and in the past 9 months of his life there have been mass-shootings at a movie theater and a school, as well a bombing at the Boston Marathon. 

From my younger years, the Oklahoma City bombing & 9/11 stick out. I remember 3 tragedies in the span of 6 years and Brady has been alive for 3 in 9 months. 

I don't want to get political or super-mom, but I'm sad for the world he's going to grow up in and the frequency of tragedies and always wondering what will happen next and hoping we are safe. 
➙ no need for comments, writing/sharing is my way of clearing my head.


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