Treat.com Personalized Gifts Giveaway

March 17, 2013
You lust over the geometric and/or colorful wrapping paper (latest trend) before you open your gift. As you carefully open the package, hundreds of thoughts are running through your mind: "is it what I've always wanted?" "uh-oh, what if I don't like it?" "What possibly could it be?" 

What's better than opening something made just for you? Well, finding the perfect personalized gift to give is more fun than receiving one, to me. Now that I have your attention and you're counting down to your birthday, click over to Treat (once you've read this and entered the giveaway, of course). 

Treat, known for cards, is your solution for finding the perfect personalized gift for special occasions or just to say "hey, bff, thought you'd like this." 

Before I even get to the products offered, you must know Treat mails the gifts for you! Say what? Hello, I'll be using Treat for all of my gift giving. I'm the person who spends so much time getting the perfect gift then it sits on my table for 3 weeks because I'm too lazy to send it. True story. 

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  1. I would send Easter cards to my nephews

  2. I like the Easter Smiles in Bloom card.

  3. My favorite card is Squirrels Like Nuts. I would give it to my nutty husband.