March #RealPenPals

March 05, 2013
#RealPenPals has grown since January. I love seeing your photos on Instagram of the cute stationery you're buying and receiving. By now, everyone should have recieved a letter from their pal, if not, please let me know. If you know you haven't written your pal - please write - we're waiting at our mailboxes like little school girls staring at their phones.

You can always write as often as you want and about whatever you want. For March, let your pal in on some secrets, is that your natural hair color? Do you eat chocolate with every meal? Are all of your awesome clothes thrift store finds? 

Send a photo of yourself - don't stalk on Facebook ;) You want to know what your pal looks like 
Talk about what you're looking forward to this summer. 
Do you have any fears? 

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  1. Hi Chelsea! I have gotten behind on my writing.. but here is my Pen a post from February. I can't remember if I mentioned it then or not :)