what do you think?

January 07, 2013
When I started my little space here at Diamonds, Dog Tags and Diapers while I was pregnant in 2010, my intention was for it to be a family blog to keep everyone up to date on my pregnancy and life thereafter. That's not really how it turned out. 

Here's what I've been thinking: 
- I don't really blog about life in the Marine Corps {dog tags} 
- Brady will be out of diapers this year 
- Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers describes each person in my house, but I rarely blog about them. 
- DiamondsDogTagsDiapers.com is a hard URL to remember, unless you really think about it or have been coming here forever

- I'm thinking of creating a more generic blog with a title that doesn't assume military wife & mommy blogger, because I'm really not. 
- Should I transfer this URL to the new one OR have two separate blogs? I'm leaning toward two separate blogs. But what I dread is generating new traffic and readers, as well as thinking if I really want to keep this one (which I do) but start to blog about my family. 

So many options and at times I'm indecisive, this is one of those times. What do you think? 
The reason I've been thinking about this a lot is because I don't want to be known as just a mil spouse blogger or mommy blogger {not always good things to be known as}. Companies approach me for baby related things that I'm not interested in. My blog is more mature than a family blog. 

So - what do you think? To create a new blog or not to create a new blog? 
What should I call it? 

I've thought about: 

MotoWife (I already own the domain, but that  again implies military wife, but it's been my Twitter handle for years) 

Never Satisfied 

Brutally Honest (though, I don't type my brutal thoughts) 


  1. I think you should probably just transfer this URL to your new one. As for creating a new name, I have no idea what to pick! I'm so uncreative.

  2. I would transfer the url. I find if you have two blogs going at once some readership won't transfer, or you'll find yourself focusing on one blog over the other and can lead to burnout at one of the blogs. Rename yourself and transfer the url. The readers here enjoy reading what YOU write no matter the name or the topic.

  3. Keep your domain and point it toward your new blog. Have a transition period with your new logo containing your old one. Kind of like how you see when companies merge. This will allow your existing followers to know they are coming to the same blog. Create a series of images for the transition.

  4. Transfer names/domains. Less effort to put in creating traffic etc. Plus the time to keep 2 blogs.

  5. Transfer name/domain. Easier then keeping up 2 blogs & creating traffic. You could always add a tab for fam blogging.