January 11, 2013
11 days into 2013 and I've been as busy as ever. With Brady home sick and Travis having surgery last week, I'm not spending time in my office, hence the semi-boring posts. Today's will be the last. As I was going through all of the photos I posted on Instagram, I noticed there were a lot of nail and nail polish photos. 

I'm not a nail artist and I hate my fat fingers, but what can you do? I paint my nails often. I cannot just watch tv or sit still, I have to be doing two things at once - one typically being painting my nails. 

My favorite polish and lacquer brands are Essie, OPI, Nicole by OPI, Julep & Zoya (click here for 3 free Zoya polishes this week). Here's a snipit of how I painted (or used Sally Hansen stickers) last year. 

What are your favorite nail polish brands and colors? 


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