it's okay to do this for yourself

January 17, 2013
"I used to buy (makeup, shoes, clothes) for myself, but now I feel guilty if I do."

This is a phrase I hear the most, coming from parents of toddlers. Toddlers, not newborns, kids or teens.

Toddlers are not judgmental and they have no idea what we (adults) do all day.

Buying makeup makes you feel pretty. Resorting to cheap makeup doesn't make you feel better, it makes you feel like you're sacrificing something for someone who has no idea.

Chances are, your kid has enough clothes to wear a new outfit a day, and enough toys for a small village.

If you're buying makeup instead of diapers and your kid is going to run around the house naked because of it, then it's a problem. But if you like naked - you'll love Urban Decay's Naked.

You probably gained weight and don't feel yourself after having a kid-most people don't go back to "normal," lets face it. Wearing makeup makes us feel pretty, buying new shoes- sometimes necessary, sometimes to feel good.

Whatever the purchase is that makes you feel better and pretty- purchase it! Yes, shopping for toys can be more fun, though if they combined Toys R Us and Nordstrom, I would move in.

Don't forget that there are crucial makeup expiration dates that you are ignoring. So not only do you want to buy new makeup, you need to!

Get your hair done at a school by a student who is about to graduate. For $10-20 you'll get the typical salon experience with a stylist and their teacher, ensuring perfection.

Ulta always has great sales. I also happen to sell mark.- affordable beauty and fashion. Even if you just want product and application advice, I'm happy to help. I'm a makeup junkie.

Go paint your nails, get all over color or highlights on your hair and buy some new mascara, eyeliner and powder. You'll be feeling like a new you in no time. 


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