it's not too late to be social savvy in 2013

January 03, 2013
This post may come as a surprise from someone who is surrounded in digital, but always urges people to put gadgets down.

It’s very hard to avoid a like button or hashtag {#x these days, so why not understand what they mean and how to really use them? It’s one thing to be on social media networks, but it’s another thing to properly use and understand them.  Are you already social savvy? Come back next week and learn how to efficiently manage your social media networks.

More often than not, someone is upset that someone is posting stuff on their Facebook profile page that they don’t want. I’m not here to give a Facebook lesson, but I will let you know that when you go to Facebook.com—the content you see is from people you have chosen to be friends with and pages (typically companies) you’ve voluntarily liked. If you don’t like their constant content, you may hide, unlike or unfriend them.

Back to hashtags – they’re on products, and almost every TV show we watch. Hashtags are a way to track topics on Twitter. Most often used to tag a topic, sometimes used for fun {#imsotiredbuticantsleep} to end a thought. Yesterday I posted a photo of my coat and 2 toy cars I found in my pocket and ended it with #ThingsParentsFindInPockets. Not sure if anyone else has used that hashtag before, but if I clicked on it, I would see any Tweet or Instagram photo that used that. 

Things like #Debate are definitely topic trends. Search that hashtag on Twitter during the Presidential Debates and you would see every tweet that included #debate – it’s a way to get to know people, see other opinions on topics.

Do you think Twitter is stupid or confusing? I direct everyone to this quick article (no affiliation) called This is howTwitter Works that takes you step by step through Twitter to give you an easy understanding of how it works. 

Why should you be on Twitter? Who should you follow?
Previously, I posted why military spouses should be onTwitter. I met a lot of awesome people and connected with a lot of people, a few years ago, that I’m still friends with today.

I follow celebrities for the hell of it, just to see what they’re up to and sometimes they share insider news. I follow ESPN, sports teams, websites, publications and news outlets—everyone breaks news on Twitter before their website because a tweet is easier and faster than a post.

Random people will follow you. It’s going to happen and there is nothing wrong with it.

I follow and interact with a lot of leaders in the social media and digital industry – we share articles and information with each other.

Twitter can be for anything you want it to be. Want to find someone popular or a brand on Twitter? Check out their website or simply Google “MTV Twitter” to find their handle (that’s the at symbol combined with their name -- @MotoWife) Speaking of your handle – keep it simple and easy to remember. If my handle was Chelsea257098 I doubt anyone would remember those numbers and I probably wouldn’t get very many conversations.

INSTAGRAM {follow me @MotoWife}
Instagram is a photo sharing application—basically a social network for photos. You can follow your Facebook friends and anyone’s handle you type in. I follow some celebrities, a lot of my friends and blog buddies. I share multiple photos a day on Instagram, but not on Facebook because I don’t want to bog people down with my photos on Facebook—but that’s what Instagram is for.

You’ll probably see people partaking in photo a day challenges – you can read more about photo a day fun on my New Year To Do List post.

Instagram is available {free} for iPhone and Android users.

Social Credibility
Share good articles, sales and fun photos on Facebook. Like your Favorite brands, companies, athletes and celebrities on Facebook. Interact with your friends, comment on their photos and statuses.

Don’t just tweet about yourself – reply to posts, engage in conversations and start your own. It’s not always about self-promotion.

Readers love to follow me on Facebook and Twitter because I share a lot more, on a daily basis, on social media than I do on the blog. I share awesome photos and sales on Instagram and love to share shopping deals with you on Facebook. Click all of my links on the top of the sidebar and connect with me! à

It’s up to you to be more social savvy in 2013, but my biggest and easiest advice is to participate & share.

Come back next week and learn how to efficiently manage your social media networks.


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