from ugly to enjoyable - easy fireplace revamp

January 22, 2013

You'll Need 
White Paint 
RustOleum High Heat Spray Paint 
Paint Brush 

Related: Renting can kill your soul . We are a Marine Corps family, and we rent our home, wherever we live. Enter fugly fireplace.  After living here for almost a year, I asked our landlord if I could do something about it, though I wish I would've done something before Christmas. 
Ugly 80s brick and brass. puke. 

In an hour, we whitewashed the brick. 3 parts water and 1 part white paint in a bucket. We applied a few coats, with a paint bush, because we didn't want it to be too light at first, so we did it slowly. 

Before | After 

Before & after. Time to tackle the brass. Ew. 
Tape off the glass so that it will not get paint on it. 
You will need RustOleum high heat spray paint- one can is enough

The brass is now painted black and the mantle is white. From ugly to simple. Now, the next step is to talk the owners into painting the beams and moulding white, as well. Hopefully we'll only be here another year, but the den is a much brighter and happier place to be in now. 

New fireplace (and Brady's laptop) 

A happy place. Time to decorate! The candles on top are not our typical decor, I had them IN the fire place the other day as ambiance instead of having a big fire. 

Bye bye ugly brass and brick fireplace. 


  1. You did a great job! It looks so much nicer.

  2. I give you a lot of credit for all the time and effort. It looks beautiful!

  3. Hello from your newest follower! I found your blog thru VABloggers. I am also from VA, Southampton Co. to be exact.

    LOVEEEE the updated fireplace. I myself have a very ugly fireplace... you just gave me some insparation for next weekend's home project!!

    xo, Ashley

  4. the black is a much better look. great job!