why buying ad space on blogs will help your blog

December 28, 2012

Two great ways, aside from content, to gain traffic to your blog are: 
1. Blog consultation - find out what your blog is doing well, what it needs and what to do next 
2. Sponsor other bloggers

We all have a list of our favorite bloggers, maybe you read their blog before you get out of bed in the morning. Think about how you found those blogs, you might have stumbled upon them from Google, but most likely another blog was talking about that blog and/or you saw it advertised on another blog. You know all of those ads on the sidebars? Those bloggers pay a small fee to 'advertise' their blog. I've found some of my favorite blogs that way!

If your favorite blogs offer sponsored spaces (ads) check out the prices, see if they have any promo codes and sponsor them! Typically for $5-$30 (+/-) you can get a great ad space for 30 days. 

Read about what they offer. Is it just a static space on their blog, or do they offer social media amplification and sponsored posts? The more you can get for your money, the better. 

If you're like me, you don't look at ads too much, but if your favorite blogs are posting great content on social media networks, that's a great blog to be apart of. Most seasoned bloggers will feature you in a blog post and frequently on social media. 

Sponsoring blogs will bring you new readers. Chances are, if you love a blog your sponsoring, those readers will love you too - you have something in common. 

Click here to check out sponsor spaces and details for Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers! Use promo code diamonds for 25% off all ad spaces and 50% off blog and social media design & strategy consultation (a $400 value).

The way I see it is if a blog has gone as far as advertising, then they care about their readers and creating quality content, which makes me want to read their blog.

in the comments - tell me what blogs are your favorite and why or why not you like to sponsor ads. 


  1. Hi, new follower here! Meg from checking in checking out recommended your blog. I just ordered a planner from erin condren and signed up for your pen pals. I've been enjoying reading your blpg!

  2. Purely for her writing: dooce.com. I am really in to crafty blogs, but I can't pick a favorite, too hard!