"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

December 15, 2012

5 years ago—it was a very cold and snowy day in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. So cold & snowy that most of us weren’t sure if our families would be able to make it for our graduation ceremonies. My ceremony wasn’t until 3 p.m. and I didn’t really plan on going to it, because I hate crowds, long lines and being somewhere for hours that I don’t really want to be at.

Ceremony or not, I still needed my parents to come up and help me move out of my apartment and have a celebration dinner with my roommate, her family and my family.


I'm obviously on the far right, and in the red coat.
I didn’t go to graduation. I barely made the drive to campus to snap a couple of photos. When I say cold, I mean well below zero, and this is what we were wearing. But we looked cute, right?

I cannot believe it has been 5 years. I’m not sure if it feels like less or feels like 20. I thought I would take this time and space to share the highlights of my life since college, over the past 5 years.

12/22/12 I married Travis—more on that, and my personal life, next week with a 5-year post-wedding update!

I always said I would live in California, and I wasted no time. The day after our wedding we were on a plane back to our apartment (Travis was already stationed there) and heading to our honeymoon cruise on Christmas Eve.

I started my career as a magazine editor, and evolved into social media strategy.

2010 Young Hollywood Awards with Ashley Greene
Became an independent representative for mark., and that quickly evolved into a regional mentor/sales manager position.


Landed my dream job at Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill as the Social Media & Email Marketing Strategist. Lead Rubio’s to be ranked in the top 100 Restaurant Social Media Brands, via RSMIndex.com

Sad - moving day 

Start of the cross-country road trip
USMC transferred us to Virginia Beach, VA, where I would continue to work for Rubio’s, remotely.

The past 10 months was a constant battle for my job. My boss and I were happy with the situation and things were going well – others of higher power, who were not connected to us, felt that they needed someone in the office. Hence, my unemployment.

Scarf and flip flops. Toes out until it snows out. 
5 years later, after graduating college, living in my dream town and having my dream job, I now live in the armpit of America with no job or opportunities in sight. San Diego—we cannot move back fast enough.

Not the way I envisioned “where I would be in 5 years” but I’m thankful for all that I’ve had and the great experiences and milestones I made while working at Rubio’s. For now, I will continue working for myself at Sparkle Social.


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