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December 09, 2012
If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you know that I've been cleaning out our closets and the garage over the past couple of weeks. Since we've decided Brady will probably be an only child - there isn't a point to keep all of his old clothes. 

We are keeping all of his outfits that have sentimental meaning to us and once he has outgrown his 2T clothes, KD Quilts will be making us a memory quilt. She made his toddler room quilt, too. 

I have two huge totes of Brady's old clothes that aren't milk stained - clothes I wouldn't be embarrassed if someone else wanted. I was wondering what to do with all of these clothes and how to sell them easily and I found the solution - Stoke Box. 

Stoke Box is a clothing exchange website and it's very simple. Upload a photo of the clothes you want to exchange and pick an already listed box that you would like in return or keep your credit and wait for the perfect box to be listed. 

It's free to exchange clothes - you just pay for shipping. All shipping is through USPS Flat Rate Boxes, so everyone is paying the same shipping. You can exchange small, medium or large boxes. For every box you list, you receive one token. For every box you want, it costs one token and the cost of shipping. Stoke Box does not profit from this, but you profit by getting new clothes. 

Stoke Box is fairly new and working on spreading the word. From Gymboree to Carter's the quality of clothes are great. 

These are the 2 newborn boxes I listed. I'm saving my tokens and waiting for the perfect 2T summer clothing box for Brady - he's pretty set for the winter. 

The Stoke Box team is working on a handful of upgrades, including the option to sell the clothes (you and Stoke Box making a little bit of a profit, instead of exchanging boxes) and a search feature. 

I'm so stoked! To learn more about Stoke Box and to list your clothes - visit http://www.StokeBox.com 

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to check out StokeBox, Chelsea! We hope to help parents all over the US who might not have a source for hand-me-downs that are in good condition, as well as those who have a ton of them taking up space in their closets and garages. -Jen (StokeBox co-founder)