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December 24, 2012
Since we moved to Virginia Beach - I haven't been satisfied with much, as you already know. I worked from my home office and recently lost my job in the middle of redecorating my office // our guest room.  I planned this post a long time ago, but so many things have changed. 

I'm so frazzled that I cannot find the before pictures, but I hated it. 

Ideally, I'd spend a couple thousand dollars on new furniture, decor and paint or wallpaper, but since I don't need my entire office now, I've been blogging from the living room or dining room. So, now that I don't need a desk, all that's left is my massive closet which holds everything a desk could and I grab it when I need it, a bed and a TV for our visitors, plus - the massive elliptical.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the things listed below, click on their bold name - it's linked to the product website. 
Scentsy Warmer // Frame // Sand Art (from Jordan, no website) 

Like I said, I recently lost my job and have been doing everything on a tight budget. With new pillows, sheets, a rug, desk, TV stand and some simple pops of color - the guest room is ready for a reveal. You may be thinking it doesn't really look finished. I'm sad to say that all of the canvas photos that were to complete the room and make it awesome have not arrived. I'm even more sad to recommend that you never purchase a deal from Eversave.com or PixWraps. Long story short, I purchased a canvas deal through Eversave for PixWraps and placed my order on 11/16 with a delivery date of 6 days later. The order has yet to be processed and I cannot reach anyone at PixWraps. Eversave said they would help, and they've done nothing. I'm out a lot of money and have super naked walls -- not to mention, we have family arriving on Saturday. 
I hate when things are incomplete BUT I do want to highlight my two favorite parts of the room. The new rug and pillows
I need a new chair that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. 

I cannot tell you how much I love this rug from RugsUSA.com. I knew it would be big, but I ordered it on a whim and didn't realize how big it was. Our guest room is pretty big and this rug takes up half of it. It's grey and white and in some light it could look lavender. It is so soft and is high-quality. Ideally, I would paint the walls to match, but like you know, we are only here for about another year and it's no longer my office, so no rush. You may hesitate  to order a rug offline, but I've never hesitated. RugsUSA.com has the best variety of rugs and affordable prices. I have searched many websites and it was hard for me to decide on a pattern - i was going to go with something geometric but i pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went with this one. 
The two new pillows match the new sheets and even though I'm 'over' chevron patterns, I couldn't help but get this one for this room. Yellow makes me happy, so I hope it makes our guests happy, too. I really wanted to get away from Earthy neutrals, it's my default when decorating. I ordered the pillows from SHOP, which is also going to be featured on HGTV Room Crashers in January (the shop's pillows, not my room). How exciting! That's how awesome those pillows are - she has many designs and sizes to choose from. 
With the new TV stand and pops of color, it's a very simple, but functioning room. The lamp might be a bit awkward, but the room is very dark without a large light, and this is perfect.
We found an old mirror in the garage. The edges were a little beat up so I had to get creative and found glitter duct tape. It's a little childish, but it serves its purpose.

I love these electric flowers. They give a good pop of color and are pretty when lit.
Flower Lights // Initials 

Travis didn't ask me where, or how high I wanted my shelf before he put it up, so this will have to do {for now}. I'm still looking for the perfect bookends, but I think I'm going to get these.
I also need to decide what I want to put in the big gap between my desk and extremely high shelf.

It's not that exciting and it would look a lot better if my canvases were on the wall, but I got it ready just in time for our holiday guests. I'm on the hunt for bookends and a new office chair! 

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  1. Cute, it's so bright and sunny feeling, I like! Side note-- Isn't the Girls Guide to Absolutely Everything absolutely amazing??