Handmade Holidays - Christmas Ornaments

December 19, 2012

Ever since Brady was born (almost 2 years ago) we've been able to get away with having Brady make gifts for his great grandparents, grandparents and God parents. 

Last year, he was still little enough (10 months) that we could keep him in his highchair and stamp his had 10+ times. This was an easy craft and it turned out really well. It's probably only doable in the first year of life, while their hands are small. 

you will need: (I bought everything at Michael's) 
- clear ornaments 
- glue stamp pad with glue refill 
- glitter 

Rub the glue stamp pad on the child's hand and quickly wrap his/her hand on the ornament. While one parent makes sure the kid doesn't touch anything, the other parent promptly sprinkles glitter on the ornament. Don't worry about being messy-it will only stick to the glue. 

This year, we got bored and crafty with salt dough. Initially, I wanted to buy a stamp and stamp one side with a Christmas stamp/wish, but I never made it to the store. We were going to make the hand print ornaments, but figured it would be more fun if he painted some. We got out the star, Christmas tree and snowflake cookie cutters and made salt dough ornaments. 

you will need: 
1 cup salt
1 cup flower
1/2 cup water

Add salt and flower to a bowl, slowly add water until you have a dough consistency and it's not sticky. If you add too much water, add more flour. 

roll the dough like cookie dough and use cookie cutters. place on parchment paper on a baking sheet on the lowest setting of your oven (175* for us) for 4-5 hours. Before baking, poke a hole in the ornaments if you want to make them ornaments, otherwise they'll be paperweights. We let the ornaments sit overnight and painted them the next day. 

Paint ornaments using acrylic paint. 

I've seen a lot of you crafting on Instagram - what are you favorite handmade holiday gifts? And how long can we get away with Brady making gifts? :) 

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  1. We love the salt dough ornaments in our house. Gives us an easy craft activity at home, I think handmade gifts are allowed for as long as you want!