Amazon? Amazing!

December 08, 2012
Amazon.com is amazing . . . a little too amazing. It's so easy to shop online and via mobile. One time, I was at the grocery store and realized I kept putting off buying Brady his toddler car seat. 30 seconds later, 2 Britax Marthons were on their way to my house. 2 days later (free shipping) they arrived. 

I have to take the opportunity to share with you the many reasons why Amazon is amazing! 
- Free 2 day shipping on all Prime eligible products (even heavy shit like furniture!) 
- Order by 8am and it usually arrives the next day! 
- Amazon has everything 
- Amazon's prices are usually better than the retailer's price 
- Subscribe & save is a life saver.

For $70 a year, we receive free shipping. $70 sounds like a lot, but the bookshelf I just purchased would've cost an additional $40 in shipping - heck no!

I use Amazon.com to purchase things I don't need right away, but would love to have in a few days. From staples to diapers and Christmas gifts to a coffee bean grinder - everything arrives in 2 days at the most. Amazon mobile is a life saver. You can scan barcodes at the store and Amazon will show you what they charge and if it's cheaper! 

Recently, I used Amazon's Seller Central and sold all of our books and DVDs that we never read or watch. It was great cleaning out the house and making a few hundred dollars! 

The best part? Wish lists! 
You can have wish lists for yourself, spouse, kid and etc... next time someone asks you what you want, send them a link to the wish list. I also use the wish list to keep track of things I want, but don't want to buy right now. Even better - you can add things to your wish list that aren't on Amazon.com. I have swim lessons and different products on Brady's wish list that aren't available on Amazon - but it's like a complete internet gift registry. 

I just went back and looked through my recent purchases -- just to give you an idea of things you can purchase, here are some things I've purchased in the last year {very random}
- Printer ink
- Bed sheets
- Batteries
- Diapers
- Dinosaur Halloween Costume
- Nestle Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker
- OPI Nail Polish
- High Chair
- Carpet Cleaner
- Dog Collars

Do you love Amazon as much as I do? 


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