November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving has passed and we are in full blown Christmas mode! I’m looking forward to reading all of your Thanksgiving roundup posts. It was such a busy and fun-filled day that we all forgot to take family photos :( 

This year, we stayed home (this year, home is VA Beach) and spent Thanksgiving with our VB family – two couples and three of their children. The couple who hosted us declared it (with my influence) a comfy holiday—yoga pants and sweat pants only.

We all know that we hate to get dressed up on Thanksgiving and be uncomfortable because we are eating all day and our dresses and pants get tight—eliminate that by being comfortable. We were so busy eating and cooking all day that I don’t think we took any photos. Though, if you didn’t know you would think we were wearing black dress pants. We still wore nice shirts.

Our boys are so close in age (L&A are one day apart and 2 months older than Brady) and they always have a blast together. L’s new baby sister was there and we all had our turns cuddling with her.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday preparing appetizers, sides and desserts—this is how prepared I am:

From bacon wrapped smokies to smoked Turkey—we had great food and great company. I’d say the hit of the evening was the Pecan pie in a jar from Williams Sonoma. Better to pay $20 for the entire pie than $14 for a bag of pecans!


  1. WOW!!! so organized...I love it, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. OMG that San Saba pie-in-a-jar is AMAZING. I had it at the San Saba Pecan Jam!! Where did you get it from? Are you in Texas?

  3. Enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving! I can't believe how organized you are. Looking forward to meeting you one of these days at the Hampton Roads Blogger Meetup. Welcome to the area!!

    Jennifer @ Shine with Jennifer Leigh Photography