NEW exclusive offers for military families!

November 16, 2012
It's my pleasure to announce that the awesome people at TroopSwap.com (read my previous post here) have launched TroopID.com 

Troop ID is a Single Sign On that allows brands to verify the military or veteran credentials of a given user on their website in order to securely deliver a set of defined benefits e.g. discounts, veteran skill training vouchers, government benefits. 

This proprietary technology can authenticate military and veteran affiliation for members of the military community in real time. Once a user has tied their e-mail/password combination to their military credentials, they can log in to any partner site with the Troop ID Widget in order to claim exclusive benefits like discounts or skill training vouchers. 

Troop ID believes that bridging the civilian/military divide through a secure digital channel is a national imperative for it allows the two cultures to come more closely together. 

The most exciting part is that their first partner is Under Armour - the brand that never discounts! 
Merry Christmas to us! 

Once you sign up on TroopID.com you will continue to use TroopSwap.com to access the exclusive and awesome deals. 
Visit TroopSwap and click 'claim' and it will direct you to the UA website, below.

How awesome is this?

Active duty, veterans and spouses, head over to TroopSwap.com & TroopID.com now! 


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