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November 01, 2012
`You may or may not have noticed how quiet I’ve been the last few days. Last Friday I received 2 weeks notice for my job. We all knew the day would come, we just weren’t sure when. I'm including a few recent, unrelated photos to help break up the text :) 
Background on losing my job: I will have a post coming in the next week or so explaining me losing my job, being a military spouse and how it’s impossible to find work because of that and why I love my job. But for now know that we moved from CA to VA in February. I have been working remote since then. It has been working out fantastic between my boss and I, but ideally they want my position to be in the office and in the same state—more specifically, the same coast. So, they believe they have found the right replacement—I have no idea since I have not met the person or interviewed them. 
So here we go into me explaining what’s been going on lately and what’s weighing on my mind.

I’ve been looking for employment in Virginia Beach for over a year, I started looking when we found out we would be moving here. I haven’t the slightest of leads. This place is the pits and there are definitely not any companies around that are big enough to care, understand or value social media and email marketing management – in order to stay in my career field of social media and email marketing strategy, I need to be in a metropolitan area.

So, on Friday I received notice that I am losing my job – cue freak out. It’s no secret that the military makes dirt, but it is a secret that I make dirt. I chose a job I love over a job that makes money, and in doing so, we’ve put ourselves in a little bit of debt. Not really a big deal, but not having savings is a big deal. I’m losing my  job and we are effed. We cannot survive on one income – I know some families do, but I have done the math, and our family is not one of those families that can. Plus, I love working.

Now what? Well, in 2014 we will be getting orders back to California. Travis suggested that I start looking for a career in California as soon as possible since the possibilities are endless there. I have applied to a lot of dream jobs in California, Illinois and a few jobs in Michigan (where our families live).

Me getting a job outside of Virginia Beach means a few things:
·                 Brady and I relocating
·                 Goose and Maverick (dogs) staying in Virginia Beach
·                Travis staying in Virginia Beach until 2014 then meeting up with us in CA

1 year apart is and isn’t a big deal. We’ve done it. Our experience includes:
·                   4 years dating long distance
·                   5 deployments
·                  several stints of 6-8 weeks apart
No big deal, but now we have a kid and dogs in the mix. Brady and I would relocate and Travis and the dogs would stay behind. If the salary and relocation package is worth while, we are going to take it. We’ve done time apart, the thing that will suck is Brady not spending time with his dad and Travis and Brady only getting to hang out virtually. Sure, one of us will fly to the other every so often, but we will both be busy with work.

I have a couple of job opportunities in San Jose and San Diego. Either job I would be happy with. I have amazing friends and former coworkers in San Diego, friends in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Jose. Wherever I go in California, awesome people will surround me.

Ideally what needs to happen is a competitive salary with relocation package. Not that you really care or need to know, but I would move Brady’s furniture, toys and clothing out there and my clothing and essentials and then we would probably live in apartment without pets (how sad) and buy the essential furniture.

We can do it. Once it’s all said and done and we get there, we’ll be fine. It’s the anticipation and uncertainty that is killing me.

I am meeting with a potential employer next week in San Diego and one the following weekend in San Jose.
I think I give this look too often
We are a strong family that can get through anything. At this point, I’ll quote Travis. He’s a Marine for 9 more years (yeah, yeah Once a Marine, Always a Marine) and he said I will be in my job for the next 30-40 years (oh my God).  He didn’t consider my job or job opportunities (or lack there of) in Virginia Beach before accepting orders. We need two incomes to make this family run. I didn’t go to college for fun (well, I did, but that’s not the point). We have to make both of our careers work and if it means a year apart, then we go a year apart. Think of it as another deployment, without the worrying of injury or death (though we all know Travis is accident prone).

Just wanted to let everyone know what’s going on.  Things will be up in the air for a couple of weeks, but hopefully next weekend I will have a more clear picture of what the future holds. It's a good thing I handle stress well. 

I'm heading to CA on Saturday. LOVE
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I hope everyone had a great Halloween—we had a BLAST – post and pictures to come.  


  1. This too will pass. Keep being awesome. It'll all settle soon. You've got good people looking out for you and you're smart as hell. Hang in there.

  2. rather than going to CA, what about jobs in Northern Virginia? VA beach is only a few hours away and you might just find a company willing to let you telework.

    1. That's definitely an option, and I've been scouring positions up there. CA is the extreme and would work since we'd be back there anyway. Willing to take just about anything at this point! :)

  3. Oh wow. I can only imagine the million places your mind is right now. Sounds like you are balancing the feelings and prospects pretty well though! Stay strong, sounds like you've weathered worse storms :)

  4. I know all about the hardships of finding employment as a military spouse ~ once you move, put out your resumes, finally go on interviews, get hired, it is time to move again and start all over.... Hang in there <3 travelingheartsphotography.blogspot.com