Cara Box Exchange :: Childhood

November 28, 2012
Kaitlyn at Wiffessionals started a blogger gift exchanged called the Cara Box. cara (car-rah) noun   :   beloved friend

November theme: Childhood 

I immediately thought candy. 

I headed to Fresh Market - they always have the best candy from childhood. When I got there, all I saw was Christmas candy  - completely fine, too. 

The box should have at least 5 items and cost no more than $15. 

Here's what I hooked up Bonnie from http://feelingbloggy-read.blogspot.com with. 

I haven't received my box yet {sad face} so I can't recap you on the goodies I received. 

I'm looking forward to next month! 

Join the exchange by clicking below. 

Cara Box


  1. Replies
    1. I should've sent myself some since I haven't received a box :(

  2. Brilliant choice! Love the cotton candy. Perfect. Hope you get your box soon, friend! Hooray for Cara boxes

  3. Oh nooooo. Did you email back and forth with your partner? I'm sorry you didn't get your box. Hopefully it will get there soon!! Hang in there, girlie. Next month, you'll get a great box! :) New follower here.