defunk your smelly towels & laundry

November 18, 2012

It's Sunday, and that means two things. 
1. You're doing laundry. 
2. You're going to Target. 

While you're at Target, make sure you pick up a box of baking soda and a gallon of white vinegar. Why? Because you have yoga pants and towels that smell funky. Don't be offended, I don't think you smell, but we all have towels, and maybe some clothes that smell weird. Mildewy, or just straight up strange. 

No, I'm not sniffing your laundry, but we've all done it: left a load in the washer for a day or two and//or left wet towels in the hamper for too long. They will smell funky and tehre is no way around it. No matter how many times you rewash everything, it won't smell normal . . . unless . . . 

You defunk them! 

Put your funky smelling cotton in the washing machine and add one cup of vinegar to the cycle. Vinegar only, no laundry detergent or fabric softener. 

After that cycle is finished, don't put it in the dryer, you're not done yet. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda on the clothes. Not in the laundry detergent spot. Wash again. 

Now your clothes smell normal and are ready to go to the dryer. 

That's it. Done. 

We spent an entire day washing our towels, regardless if they were the funky ones or not, and the all smelled better. Right now I'm rewashing a load that sat in the washer for a couple of days. Yuck. 

Happy washing! 


  1. I love using vinegar as a fabric softener and it also helps with the smell. (:

    1. I haven't thought about using it daily, good idea.

  2. Thanks for the amazing tip! A trip to the grocery store tomorrow and then a debunking of EVERYTHING, just because!