milo paper holiday cards & promo code!

November 16, 2012
It's time to order holiday cards, but where do you start? Which photo do you choose? Who are you going to send them to? Where do you buy the cards? How can I save money?

I teamed up with Milo Paper to answer the where to buy & how to save money. Just when I thought I had the perfect holiday card picked out, samples from Milo Paper arrived. The cards look even better in person, which I didn't think was possible. I asked for the samples so I could give you my word that I absolutely love the product. It was no surprise that I like them, since I am in love with my personal stationery from Milo Paper. 

Take a look at these beautiful 5x7 cards printed on heavy, environmentally friendly cardstock. The best part? Designed front and back. 

There is much more to the holiday season than sending cards. Duh - gifts.  Personalize your gifts this year with affordable (key word here) with gift enclosures and stickers. I know I'm not the only one who could almost care less what's in the box, it's all about the wrapping, personalization and design. From classy to fun, there are designs available for everyone. 

Gift Enclosures

Gift Stickers

Now, I'm off to do a photoshoot with Brady and then stare at MiloPaperGiftShop.com for hours trying to figure out which one card design we are going to use this year. Happy shopping! Enjoy 40% off your purchase with code DDTDHOLIDAY


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