New Opportunity!

October 29, 2012

I am happy to introduce sponsored ad spaces on Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers. 

The reason being {long story short} I lost my job {career} because we had to move to VA from CA per the Marine Corps {post coming in a couple of weeks} and it's not a job I could do remotely forever. I obviously need to make some additional income, but this leaves a lot of time for blogging and social media promotion for you

As a professional social media and email marketing strategist, I know the best ways to promote your blog via my blog and social media networks. I have a proven success rate and awesome blog statistics. 

I look forward to continuing to partner with you and would be happy to guest post on your blog at any time. Please check out my new ad spaces and rates and take 10% off any ad space with code HURRICANESANDY

I am also offering social media consultations, as well as blog design & content consultations to help you best optimize your blog, social exposure and gain readership. 

If you're on the East Coast like I am, I hope Hurricane Sandy is treating you well. If you're anywhere else, I hope the weather is amazing. I'm heading to CA on Saturday, so I'm crossing my fingers that the weather doesn't get any worse. 

I look forward to working a lot closer with you! 

Happy blogging, 


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