{show & tell} Shopping

October 22, 2012

Tell us your favorite stores to shop at.
I do a lot of online shopping. The other day I posted how my online shopping addiction can save you money click here to read it.

Aside from all of those online stores, I love shopping at AMAZON, Ulta, Sephora, TJ Maxx, Target, Macy’s, Forever 21(sometimes) and other various stores in the mall. I work from home now, so really I live in Lululemon, but when I worked in the office I shop just about anywhere. Typically, I’m on a mission for one piece and won’t stop until I find it.

What are you "signature pieces" to wear.. your go-to outfits?
When I’m comfortable with my weight, I wear a lot of different things. Now (not comfortable) it’s whatever looks okay on me. Jeans and flip flops are pretty much my signature, regardless of the top. If I’m at work or a conference or something nice, I’m always in my heels. I love shoes.

Working from home, my signature pieces are yoga pants, a cami and a long sleeve shirt—tank top in the summer. Real spiffy, I know.

I used to wear a lot of statement jewelry, but lately I’m just lazy and don’t care. I don’t know many people in VA, and I always look like I’m going to prom compared to them. No one seems to care about themselves here, so there’s no point to complete the outfit with accessories since no one really cares or notices. I always wear my diamond necklace, usually my stud earrings and always my square Tiffany & Co. ring and my wedding set, and one of my MK watches.

Show us your style through pictures {of you or pinterest finds}.
I don’t really feel like going through Polyvore photos, I’m sick of seeing them because that’s all people pin. My fall/winter style is: leggings or skinny jeans with boots and a sweater or long sleeve shirt.
My spring/summer style: is a sun dress and sandals or jeans and a tank. Easy peasy.
But like I said, right now it’s yoga pants and a comfortable shirt.

Show us your favorite celebrity style icons.
I don’t have celebrity icons. I don’t idolize or look up to someone I’ve never met or is featured on TMZ. Though I love watching it.

If you had to spend money on clothes or home items, which would you choose?
Tough choice. I care a lot about what my house looks like, but also what I look like. I would probably decorate my home first, because I’m always in it and want to love it.

Show us your favorite accessories.
Boots. Bracelets. Scarves.

I love scarves, but I get hot easily, and I don’t like things around my neck for too long – I don’t even wear t-shirts, I can’t stand them. I always rip the necks of my hoodies, too.

Tell us in one sentence your philosophy behind shopping. {What makes you buy an item}
If it looks good and I can afford it, I buy it.

Ooops, I’m supposed to have a reason?

Check out my sidebar on stores I love and please read my online shopping post—you’ll thank me! 


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