makeup expiration dates you don't, but need, to know

October 23, 2012
Why is it that we {women} can throw just about anything away, aside from makeup? The amount of money that you spent on your makeup does not determine when you dispose of it. We all do it. We hoard makeup. Just because there is a lot or a little left, we don’t throw it away. When do you actually throw away makeup?

There are a few key points {and I’ll back them up} I want you to take away from this:
·      Don’t spend less on makeup just to spend less
·      Don’t keep makeup as long as you want because there is some left
·      Using makeup past its shelf life really is dangerous

Below are key makeup expiration periods and my favorite products.

Foundation:   6 months maximum

Concealer:      6-8 months

Powder:          1 year
Mascara:         3 months      
Don’t eff with the well being of your eyes. This is the most important date. You love mascara, you love buying it and you love the way new mascara works. Respect your eyes and do not pump mascara when you’re using it and always throw it away at 3 months.
-       Go set the alarm on your phone to go off in 3 months from the day you purchase your mascara
-       If you can’t remember the last time you purchased it, throw it away right now and go buy a new one
-       Purchase a new mark. mascara from me at http://chickey.mymarkstore.com and I will donate all proceeds to Toys for Tots, plus I’ll send you a free gift, and remind you to restock in 3 months.

Lip gloss:        1 year

Pencils:           1 year

. . . which brings me to another point. Wash your makeup brushes.
Wash natural-bristled brushes once a month, and synthetic brushes three to four times a month. I use a brush spray every morning before I apply my makeup—why not?

Use a brush cleaner or mild soap to wash your brushes in warm water, and lay them flat to dry.

Sponges are disposable. Don’t save them.

Don’t be proud of how much makeup you own, be proud of what you own. From

If you don’t care about your health, at least get rid of makeup when you’er supposed to so you can go makeup shopping – we all love  to do it!


  1. Very good to know! It looks like I'll be needing to do some shopping for new products!

  2. These are great to know! I always thought they had some sort of expiration date but never really checked to see what they were. Great post! (Hi from the #SITSSharefest :) )

  3. Great tips, Chelsea! I'm good at using up foundations/powders but will keep a mascara a LOT longer than 3 months. Same with lipglosses, I have some going on 5+ years!