holiday home decor that smells good

October 18, 2012
Most likely, by now, you've heard of Scentsy, but you're not sure what the hype is all about, why you should try it and where to start. This post isn't going to walk you through it, but this one will. Part of getting ready for the holidays is decorating your house and making it smell amazing. I'm here to help you choose the warmers to decorate your house with and recommend the best winter scents! 

You're probably wondering why you would order from someone you don't know. Well, it doesn't really matter who you order from, but I donate 100% of my commission to Toys for Tots. I don't sell Scentsy to make money, I sell it because I'm obsessed with it, I want my house to smell good and I love donating to an awesome cause. 
Pictured above is a Silhouette warmer with a wrap. The 'Joy' wrap is obviously perfect for the holidays. I have a Halloween one, as well as non-seasonal one for the rest of the year. Silhouette or not, there are warmers for college sports, United States Military, musicians, classy ones to match your home's decor and much more. Plus, Scentsy introduces a new warmer and scent every month. I send 10 of my customers the scent of the month, each month! If you're not ready to buy now, sign up for the once a month newsletter to receive updates and see if something catches your eye. 
Super cute, right? This guy is a Scentsy Buddy, I buy them for all of the newborns and little people in my life. From a frog and a duck to a polar bear and a lamb, these super soft stuffed animals have a spot in the back for a scent bag, so they are cuddly and smell amazing.
 If you don't want to invest a lot in your first warmer, or want to try it out in a small space (bathroom), I highly recommend the plugin warmers. There are some really cute ones in the close out section (sale).
From classy to fun, Scentsy offers a variety of warmers. Make use out of your Scentsy warmer and count down to Christmas, while making your house smell delicious.
You've decorated your house, now you have to make it smell good. I have a warmer in every house, realistically you only need one upstairs, one downstairs and plugins in the bathroom.  CLICK TO BROWSE & SHOP ONLINE

My favorite 
year-round scents are Luna. Camu Camu. Satin Sheets. 
fall scents are Caramel Pear Crisp. Pumpkin Marshmallow. Pumpkin Roll. 
winter scents are Silver Bells. Eskimo Kiss. Dulce de Leche. Snowberry.

Whatever scents you can imagine, Scentsy has. If you need something in the man cave, want to smell like you're baking a pie or just did a fresh load of laundry, we have it! Click to view the print catalog online--this is the best way to see the scents in their categories. 

Earn half off anything you want and free $ to spend when you host an online party. My friend had one a couple of weeks ago and 6 orders got her 3 half off products and $65 to spend! 

If you would like to smell the scents before you buy, let me know and I will send you the samples.


  1. I've thought about selling it just so that I could buy from myself.. I did an online party recently too and was able to get a bunch of extra goodies for cheap/free! I've had Baked Apple Pie all around the house in preparation for the holidays. I'll be moving on to more Christmasy stuff soon!

  2. I need a new line up for the fall/ winter. I stick to apx three of my favorite smells. I love Home Sweet Home, French Kiss, & black berry vanilla. I like very strong fragrant smells. I have 6 BIG warmers throughout my house ..and only one runs all the time. I need to stay on top of buying bars, but the girl I order from is a friend in Texas. I need to join a party & smell some of the new fragrances. But if you can recommend a great smelling STRONG pumpkin for Thanksgiving & a STRONG smell for Christmas I might just order from you soon.
    <3, Amy ( you can e-mail me @ bensgir10@yahoo.com)

    1. Amy, pumpkin roll and pumpkin cheesecake are my favorite pumpkin scents - i want to eat them. What kind of Christmas do you like? The cinnamon ones are pretty strong. I like eskimo kisses and silver bells, they are fresh, pepperminty and not overpowering. i can add you to the list to receive the scents. i have 3 packs of scent samples right now and will add you to the waiting list. as soon as someone is done with them i can have them send them to you

    2. My goal is to have just ONE fragrance for such a short run. Which one of the pumpkins do you like better? Pumpkin Cheesecake sounds interesting. Christmas> I'm not a big fan of just straight cinnamon (it tends to give me a headache) but I'm interested in the Eskimo Kisses & Silver bells. You had me sold on "pepperminty" - which for some reason makes me think of Christmas. The samples would be awesome! How does it work if I order from you? I pay shipping as an extra or is that included? Curious. Again you can e-mail me at bensgirl10@yahoo.com if you want... this is a lot of info (thank you.)