{flashback} my first semester at CMU

October 16, 2012

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Well, this certainly is a vague topic!

My first semester at Central Michigan University was awesome. I lived in a coed dorm. My roommates were all female, but every other room was males. Thank goodness, because I could never be surrounded 100% by females, I would lose my mind.

My roommates weren't the best, but that's just because I had a life and they didn't care to have one. Whatevs. I met Meagan, one of my best friends, during the first week of college and met a lot of other awesome people that semester and over the years.

Back in 2003, we still used disposable cameras, so a lot of those photos are still at my parents' house, but I found a few on my hard drive that must've been scanned one upon a time. Enjoy haha.

ok, obviously second semester since it was St Patrick's Day 
aw, we are so young

When you're 19 and you live in Michigan, you drive to Canada to drink legally!

RIP Josh, we had some great times 

My first semester was awesome! 


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