don't look like an escort at the Marine Corps Ball

October 10, 2012

It’s that time of year again for Marine Corps girlfriends, fianc├ęs, wives and hookers escorts—Marine Corps Ball Gown Shopping.

The United States Marine Corps was born on 10 November 1775. This year, we’ll celebrate the 237th birthday of the Corps. Each year, every unit has their own ball, ranging within a month before or after 10 November.

Think of the ball as Cinderella’s ball. Seriously.

While my USMC Birthday post will come later, I want to take the time to inform you about the attire rules of the ball. This is not homecoming or cocktail hour or Vegas. This is a classy ball.

It is embarrassing and disgusting to see some of the ‘dresses’ women show up in. if I can see your ass tanlines, it’s too short. Honestly, if you can see knees, it might be too short. The Corps has gone to the extent of creating a Marine Corps Ball Etiquette website https://www.mymarinecorpsball.com/EtiquettePopUp.aspx

Attire (per the Commandant) 
Marines: Regardless of status (active or reserve) are required to where Dress Blues "Alpha" or "Bravo" (pending CO's direction) or Service "Alpha" if the Dress Blue uniform is not owned. Most Commands require female Marines to wear the respective uniform through the Ceremony, at which point they may be allowed to change in to a formal gown for the remainder of the evening.
Retired Marines: Have the option of wearing the respective uniform or appropriate tuxedo.
Separated/Former Marines and Male Guest: Should wear an appropriate tuxedo or suit and tie.
Female Guests: Should wear a formal gown or appropriate dress that extends below the knee line.

I don’t care how cute your dress is or how much your date paid you to attend. BE RESPECTFUL.

SOLUTION: Rent a dress from Rent the Runway

Here are a few of the dresses I’ve worn over the years:

I am not in this photo. Yes, her dress is long, but it's um. . . interesting. 

You can still have fun in a ball gown, but the point of this photo is the chick on the right That is a no no outfit ^^ 
Take this as your opportunity to dress up! When else will you ever have the chance? I typically buy all my ball gowns at David's Bridal.

Do yourself a favor, be classy. Even if you’re not a classy person, dress up and be one for one night. Be respectful of your Marine and the Marine Corps.

Where to find a dress: 
David's Bridal, your local base bookoo site (bookoo.com), Craigslist and the mall.

Marines let your ladies in on the dress code, they honestly might not know.
Rent a gown from Rent the Runway - you're only going to wear it once, anyway!

The Marine Corps Ball isn't about you. It's about the Marine Corps and your Marine. 

Bring extra mascara, you'll be crying during the ceremony, and if you don't, reevaluate your morals. 


  1. LMAO the camera phone is my best friend at submarine & navy balls. I'm in shock & awe every time. I got to see some chick's snatch at last year's Christmas party (cocktail attire gone wrong!). She was a fan of taking it to the floor, all the way to the floor. Her dress wasn't cut out for it.

  2. Ha! The title of this post made me laugh! But I'll be honest, I'm wearing a shorter (just past the knees) length dress this year. After much debate with myself, and showing it to my husband, we agreed it would be perfectly appropriate. Even being shorter, it's still extremely glamorous (1930s glam) and much classier than many of even the longer options out there. So crazy the things some ladies (term used loosely in this case) wear! :)

  3. and make sure it fits properly!

  4. If you have to wear leggings with it, it's WAY to short! My favorite at a Navy Birthday Ball was the woman who wore a white dress with black underwear. It was not a pretty sight!

  5. I went with my marine to the ball of 2012 last year in Saratoga NY, but I'm still not sure if its proper to wear white to the ball? People say wear what complements you and your marine; white does but I don't want to bring the wrong attention to him. Is it alright?

  6. Gotta say your attitude is pretty disgusting, shaming these women because you don't like their dresses. They can wear what ever the hell they want, they are not clones of you. You might think you have a pretty and 'respectful' dress, but your attitude speaks otherwise.

    1. Obviously you're a new reader here and I apologize if I offended the skin tight mini skirt you picked out to wear this year.

  7. I don't consider going to a ball looking like an Oompa-loompah classy either. Tone down the fake tan. You look trashy. Just my two cents. But I figured, hey, what the hell, since we're sharing judgmental opinions online, I may as well toss mine out there too. Ooo-rah!!

    1. I am happy to share my judgmental opinion and the guidelines from the Marine Corps in a public manner - not creating an account to hide behind to talk shit. Pansy. Sorry that I tan easier than you and lived on the beach. Stop hiding behind your computer and someone might take you seriously.

  8. This is my first Marine Corps Ball this year. My Marine told me "some girls dress really raunchy." I don't dress like that anyway but I wanted to make sure I looked classy because he's promoting soon and the higher rank he is, the more he gets looked at for the company he keeps. Rent the Runway will be my best friend this year, I think. I'm looking forward to the ceremony and being on my Marine's arm. Thank you for posting this as it quells any fears I had of looking "too fancy" or not wearing the right thing.