does your esthetician make you feel like crap?

October 12, 2012
45 irritating minutes with my esthetician yesterday morning.  This oh so uplifting morning began when I called the office at 0900 to see if I could still come in. I’m waiting on a new debit card and thought it would be here, so I have no way to pay since my other one was shut off because of suspicious activity. The receptionist knew who I was and said that was fine and I can just pay the balance next time.

I started Intense Pulse Light therapy several weeks ago to get rid of my sun spots. It is amazing. The process isn’t fun, but the results are worth it. Let me preface the rest of this post with the fact that I’m spending upwards of $500 on this treatment, not to mention all of the other facials, manicures and pedicures I have done there.

So, I’m in the room with the esthetician getting my dose of IPL, which sucks by the way. It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t feel good—I’ll post about that once the process is finished. The esthetician, we’ll call her W, always suggests that I come in and get dermal cleaning and dermal extraction—just say facial, don’t try to touch it up. Anyway, I already do come in for those treatments, check my chart and stop trying to upsell me.

She gets to the left side of my face (right if you’re looking at me) and is very concerned about a spot I have. I got it when I was pregnant with Brady and I told her that the last time I was there All of a sudden she is concerned. I thought she was talking about the raised mole on my jaw line because she asked if I get yearly mole checks. I told her no, but I know I should, so I’m going to put that on my to do list. She goes on and on about how I need to go to the dermatologist and then asks me “Does skin cancer run in your family.”  I replied and told her I don’t know, I was adopted. (posts to come about Adoption next month!)

W said “Oh, I’m sorry.” I said there is nothing to be sorry about . . . I just don’t know my skin’s background and I’m not too worried about it. She continues to say things that make me think I have skin cancer and then digs deeper into adoption. She explains that she adopted her son when he as 7 months old and that’s bad because you’re supposed to adopt kids before they are 6 months old (what the hell kind of rule is that?) I told her I was 2 months old when I was adopted and was in foster care before that, it’s not like I can remember and I don’t know any different. She said that she is in counseling (I’m so shocked at this point. Not.) and said that her counselor said cells have memory (no shit) so she hopes that I’m okay because being adopted is hard. I was like does your son even know the difference? And she said he has a really hard  time with it (he’s 7) I said then just don’t talk about it, he calls you mom, that’s all there needs to be, you don’t need to bring up how stupid and cracked out your sister is (his biological mom) that’s probably causing the problems.

W said “I hope he pretends to be as solid as you are in the future.” Um, excuse me? Being adopted doesn’t affect my lifestyle. My life is better because I was adopted. I don’t even think about being adopted…who the hell cares?

So now, I have skin cancer and I need to go to a counselor or something because I was adopted. Ok bye now.

Oh, that’s not goodbye. We get to the front desk and she asks for payment and I explained what I explained to the receptionist early. She is pissed. She asks me to write a check, and I nicely explained what don’t you understand about my bank account not being accessible? I said I will pay the balance next time I’m in. I’m probably going into more detail than you care to know since it’s pointless, but it set me over the edge. She goes on to tell me I’m supposed to pay per visit and not one big balance. I have documents somewhere at home that say it’s $xxx.xx and I paid $xxx.xx on my first visit and will pay the balance on the 2nd. She said well you had this package and now I cant honor it because you’ve messed up the payment. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll go back for my third visit but I’ll go in there sometime and pay for this last treatment and probably call it quits.

The public service announcement I would like to give to all estheticians is to not make your clients feel like shit. This time she didn’t try to sell me product since I had no form of payment with me, but the lady that was paying before me and any other time I’ve gone, she’s tried to sell me up to $700 worth of product and treats me and others like shit when we don’t want to pay it. It’s not even about the money, I don’t want all of that crap. I’ll buy it all and use it for a week and then not care about it anymore. How do I know that your products are better than anything else? Seems like every esthetician talks crap about the products you use, even if they’re proven effective.

Don’t be a salesman, just help me make my face better. My face is fine, I’m just getting rid of the sun spots. I think I have wrinkles, but even the estheticians tell me I don’t, so I’m not worried about it. There’s nothing else wrong with my face that your magic potion will fix. So suggest it to me and let it go if I don’t want to buy it.

Don’t talk down to me because I’m in yoga pants. You know I work from home and I’m not getting dressed up to go to the spa. I’m already paying you a shit load of money for other services, accept it and move on.  Take your own advice and do some work on your face.

No one should come home this fired up from the spa. Thanks for making it a great morning. I hope your adopted son enjoys life and prides himself that he’s not your biological son, I would.


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