There are a lot of [these] people on flights.

September 04, 2012
I’ve flow a bazillion times. I know what I’m doing. I realize not everyone else does, but when everyone is given simple instructions before takeoff, that should be the end of that.

Flight attendants used to only have to say “turn off your electronic devices.” Then it evolved into “Turn off all of your electronic devices, turn them off, not airplane mode.” Most recently, I have heard the longest damn explanation ever. I’m not even exaggerating. 5 flights in 9 days:

“Please turn off all electronic devices, this includes iPhones, pagers, blackberries, apples, strawberries, anything electronic (they actually named a lot more fruit and devices) then they named nooks, iPads, kindles (and made up a lot of other names). Not in airplane mode, not in hide it from the flight attendant mode, in the off mode, like when you bought it and couldn’t use it.”

Of course, most of my flights I sit next to the dumbass who keeps playing on the device or doesn’t turn it off and tries to hide it. What the shit is the point? Even if you don’t turn it off, you’re not going to use it when it’s not approved to be used. Just turn the damn thing off.  

The twat on my last flight is trying to check her damn email as we are taking off and her husband tells her to turn the shit off and she looks at him and said I do what I want. He about smacked her (I laughed) and she just shut her ipad case. BITCH IT’S STILL ON. So, I gave the flight attendant a look and tilted my head towards the lady and she got a talking to. Of course, as we are landing, she doesn’t listen again.

It’s 2012, turn your electronic device off for 8 minutes, the plane reaches 10k feet in no time. Stop being an ignorant asshole.

There were some other things I was going to write about since I just got on my final flight of this journey, but the idiots that can’t pay attention are enough to write about now. Hey, guess what? The seatbelt sign is on, you just got up, and just got told to sit down in front of everyone.

4 hours left . . . I’m sure some asshole will spark a new idea for a new post J


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