shit people say when they find out my husband is a Marine

September 24, 2012
When people find out that my husband is a Marine, I definitely get a different reaction than I give those who tell me their husband works in some form of business {yawn}. 

I don't expect a yawn response, but some of the things people say catch me off guard. Here's a list of things people have said when they find out that my Husband is a Marine. 

  • How many people has he killed? you seriously just asked that? 
  • What does he do? nun-ya. he kills people, apparently. 
  • Did he kill Osama Bin Laden? yup, twice. 
  • What does that mean? he's. in. the. united. states. marine. corps. he. is. a. marine. 
  • Why do they {Marine Corps} tell you where to live? i'm not talking to you anymore.
  • Is he going to do more than four years? he's been in for 10+
  • Why would he do more than four years? to annoy you. or to protect your ass. why do you do your job for more than 10 years?
  • So where does he work? The USMC isn't a club, it's his effing career. 
  • That must be annoying. not really, but you are.
  • That sucks. why does it suck? he's not in jail. he's not a douche bag and he doesn't wear a monkey suit like your boo. 
  • When does he get home? who in the hell said he was gone? 
  • So since he's not deployed, he sits at home all day?  Yes, every damn person who isn't deployed sits at home and eats bon bons all day long. Where the hell is a recruiter? I'm going to enlist! 
You would think I would get different responses than that. I always feel as if I am defending him, his job and his decision to be a United States Marine. After all these years of war and publicity of the military and most of us knowing someone in the military these days, it still comes as a complete shock to someone when they meet a spouse, it seems. 

My husband has been a United States Marine for over 10 years. What he does is really none of your concern, and if I told you, you wouldn't understand. People's perception of Marines are that as when we were children - green army men with guns on the front lines. He doesn't do that in Virginia, though he probably should haha. He loves his job and our country. Take it for what it's worth. 

Semper Fi,


  1. Your responses made me laugh out loud at work. (Cue the awkward glances from the other people in my office).

    When I say my BF is in the army, the number one question I get is "what does he do?" I never know how to answer that one.

  2. Damn... you mean there are other jobs besides working from home that you can eat bon bons?? Man...y'all must go through a crapload of them! (Sorry... had to!) Love your answers though - it must be annoying to get all the dumb questions all the time!

  3. A) you crack me up. B) You're right. They won't understand and C) my all-time favorite: "that must be hard for your kids." I don't believe they look at their life as hard. Just different. And they get to do some awesome shit!

  4. You're absolutely right! My husband is Army and I always get responses like that.

  5. My husband is in the Army as well and I get some weird questions all the time. I like your answer to the Osama Bin Laden question haha

  6. I don't really understand the hostility... My husband is in the Navy, although his career field never sees him on board a ship. That confuses people, but I find that I can paint an accurate picture of his work as a FAO in about 2 sentences. You have to remember that so many people don't know much about the military beyond what they see in the movies.