i will not vote for your monkey's uncle

September 26, 2012

Everyone has the cutest kid in the world, according to them. Many people tell other people their children are cute, whether they mean it or not. Many people tell others that their children should be models or in commercials.

I'm sure some of the comments are legit.

I've been told all of those things, but I'll never ask you to vote for my child in a Facebook contest or photo contest with 2 million entrants.

No offense to people who enter them, by all means, enter your beautiful child.

As a social media marketer, I don't participate in contests that violate Facebook Terms of Service. I don't expect you to know what those are, but just know anything that requires you to 'like' something for a chance to win is against Facebook TOS.

That's not really the reason I don't vote. The few spare seconds I have each day (seriously), I can't waste on creating an account and jumping through rings of fire to vote for your kid. I also don't like having my event calendar full of 'vote for my kid' events.

I'm sorry. I probably do think your kid is cute, but the odds aren't in any kids favor in big contests, plus it's spammy.

Congratulations on making a beautiful baby.

Oh, I won't vote for your dog, either.

or your monkey's uncle.

I still love you (probably).


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