I left my heart in San Diego

September 05, 2012
9 Days in my happy place

After 8 months of living in Virginia and working remotely, it was time for me to head back to San Diego to be physically present in my office. I was so excited and needed the break from shitty VA Beach. This post isn’t too exciting, but you can really see why I love San Diego and why I need a getaway sometimes.

After saying goodbye to Travis and Brady (insert a few tears here) I was pumped to get to San Diego. It’s no secret that I love San Diego. I love my job. I love a few of my coworkers and I was just ready to be back in my happy place!

When I arrived in San Diego, I met my buddy from college, John (check out his awesome photography), for Rubio’s tacos (duh) and shopping at Fashion Valley. Well, I got the best welcome back gift one could ever get (sorry, John, it wasn’t the hug from you). There were 14 earthquakes while we had lunch! We felt 2-3. Happy day! I hadn’t felt an earthquake since months before I moved. Insert fat joke here. Haha John and I shopped for a while and I found some awesome cards at Typo. Here’s one of them, not sure who the lucky recipient is, yet.  

I finally checked in to my favorite hotel, Grand Pacific Palisades, and then ran on base real quick to check out the new MCX. Who knew that someone could be so excited to see Camp Pendleton and an MCX. I miss being surrounded by Marines—never thought I’d say that. I was going to say that it’s the  sense of pride that you feel, but I don’t think it’s that. Maybe just knowing that the majority of Marines are moto, prideful and, well they just look put together. You never know when someone is in the Navy—they’ve never had to get a haircut ;) Maybe I just felt back in my element.

Then it was time to head to my favorite place in San Diego—Stone Brewing Co. Yes, I can get some Stone elsewhere, but it’s not the same. I had the 16th Anniversary IPA and Enjoy by 9.21.12 IPA. Holy most amazing IPAs I’ve ever had. True story. It was awesome to catch up with my buddy, Chris, too.

It was like the first day of school. I woke up before my alarm and was so excited to get ready and go see some of my favorite people at work! I don’t get ready every morning since I work from my home office, so it was nice to put myself together again J . I walked into my office and my buddy Brennar was in there getting it ready for me – a nice welcome back note and he grabbed me a comfy chair—that’s how we roll.  It felt like I never left. We went to lunch with my favorite peeps and then I had dinner with Brennar at TJ Oyster Bar. Amazing.

Nothing too exciting, worked in the morning, went to Elevation Burger with B for lunch and then had a meeting all afternoon with my buddies from Fishbowl—it was an awesome working meeting. After that? Back to Stone Brewing Co. I can’t get enough of their beer, food or views. You must check them out. If I ever got married again (not happening) I would get married there. 

Work, work work, lunch meeting, work, work work, team dinner. It’s always a fun time when our entire marketing team gets together. We all crossed boundaries and had a great time at P.F. Chang’s, that seems to be our spot.

Spent the entire day in a meeting with the marketing team planning for 2013—how fun! Then we went to lunch at one of the remodeled Rubio’s and then. . . team bonding . . . we were all nervous for the activity, but it turned out to be indoor karting at K1 Speed. Holy fast fun. Brennar and Kara had a run-in, I’m not even sure if you can call it that. His kart was on top of hers. I couldn’t stop laughing. Everyone is fine. That, in fact, was a fun team activity.

That night, it was back to Stone, shocking, right? John came with me this time. We sat and chatted for a couple of hours in the beer garden and had a great dinner. Thank goodness for great friends, it’s always fun to catch up. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and tried to find a simple cookbook for b since h was moving into his new place . . . that was harder than you would think. I settled on a random cookbook and a bottle of patron. I give good housewarming gifts.

I had anxiety all morning. I didn’t want to leave. It was hard for me to work. I started my goodbyes around 930 and held off until I had to say bye to b, my boss and my vp. Deep down, I like those people haha. Anxiety attack and a few hugs later, I was out the door and crying on my way to the 5. Boo hoo, but thank God I knew I’d be back in 8 weeks. Counting down the days!

Had lunch with Meagan at True Food Kitchen, interesting, but very good skinny marg and good food. We had a lot to catch up on, some gossip and her wedding plans—it’s always nice to be together in person.

Back on the 5 and I was on my way up to see Jenny and Chris in Simi Valley. I was so excited to stay in their new house! We went to dinner and hung out, always good to catch up. Next time I see them will be for their wedding weekend—I’m SO excited!

Back on the road. We had breakfast at Panera and then Jenny bo benny dropped me off at Burbank, where I sat at the bar with Jeff Dunham and we shot the shit and enjoyed a Bloody Mary. I fricken love Jeff Dunham. Off to San Jose!

My best friend since preschool picked me up and we went to Rubio’s for lunch (duh) and then hung out. At 3 she tried on wedding dresses. I’ll skip the details, but it ended in tears, both of us crying and her saying YES to the dress! AHHH!!! I’m so excited! My little preschool friend is getting married! I’m so happy I was there to see her try on dresses. Obviously this called for a celebration, so we headed to a wine bar, had a few strong glasses of wine, had some heart to heart and fun chit chat. We dropped the car off at her place and walked to Santana Row, which consisted of little shopping and a lot more beer. I’ve still got it. Even in yoga pants and a tshirt, I can still get guys to buy us drinks. HA! I’ve never asked, they always offer. Whatever dudes, I was talking about my kid and her fiancĂ© and you’re still silly enough to buy us beers. So, many beers later and a loss for UofM, her fiancĂ© joined us and we hung out and drank some more. We walked home, hung out then called it a night. I thought I was screwed the next day since I rarely drink anymore. I didn’t wake up for water in the middle of the night so that’s always a good sign. 

Well son of a gun, I might not have been hungover but I forgot that I lose my voice when I drink. Anyone remember me having a voice in high school and college? Didn’t think so. Didn’t have one at my rehearsal dinner or wedding either. You’ll know when I’ve been drinking.

I have Alzheimer’s, I can’t remember what we did yesterday. We laid pretty low and then had amazing sushi for dinner, which is exactly what I needed!

We hung out, went to brunch and then they took me to San Francisco so I could finally start my journey back home. California will always be home to me, but my husband, son, dogs and fish are in Virginia. It sounds like Travis has taught Brady a lot in the week I’ve been gone and I can’t wait to see all of the new things he can do!

It will be great to be home, know that I’m keeping my job (what part of this trip was about) and I’ll always be able to count down the days until I’m back in San Diego. See you in less than 8 weeks, beautiful SoCal.

I saw some of the most important people in my life during this trip and can’t wait to see a lot of friends in October that I wasn’t able to see this time. Thanks to everyone who took the time to see me and let me know how much you love and miss me, it means more than you think.

Stay classy, San Diego.  See you in 7 ½ weeks. 

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