This is what I overheard yesterday

August 04, 2012
 I broke up with my boyfriend before he deployed. Him being gone for 7 months would be annoying." 
I overheard that exact quote from a chick getting a mani, she looked and sounded like someone I would be friends with, until she talked about her “love life.” Hunny, stay single.

Relationships are built on love, trust and support not sex, proximity and convenience. It doesn't a certain kind of person to date or marry someone in the military. It takes patience, understanding and selflessness.

It’s okay to not want to be in a long distance relationship. It’s okay to not want to date someone because you would have an anxiety attack every day worrying about their safety. It’s not okay to be in a long-term relationship and break up with someone because they won’t be physically near you for a certain amount of time. I guess it’s good that she broke up with him because it clearly wasn’t true love and she probably would’ve been banging someone else while he was deployed. Barracks rat.

Hopefully her next boyfriend doesn’t ever have to travel for business or go on a bachelor weekend.

Yes, it sucks when your loved one is gone, but it’s also nice to have some alone time.

I’m sure if all of the service members could apologize for inconveniencing you, they would. Not.

...and to the girlfriends, fianc├ęs and wives who say “Sexually deprived for your freedom.” That’ll be a post for another day. It’s not that big of a deal. You’re really worried about your sex life? There’s bigger problems . . .

Annoying isn’t a synonym for deployment or freedom


  1. That young man dodged a very annoying, selfish, needy bullet. He's lucky.

  2. I agree with Jamie. Little does he know he unloaded himself of a ton problems. Lucky guy!

    I've nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! I love your tweets and your blog! I still crack up when I think how beweildered we were with the repurposing of a changing table into a full size bed...or whatever foolishness they were trying to turn it into! Here's the link to your award: http://wp.me/p1ANS0-9T
    Keep being a truth-teller!
    Have an AMAZING Sunday!