The Only Chance You Have. . .

August 23, 2012
Yes, I'm still alive! It's been a busy couple of weeks playing catch up with work since my in-laws left, and preparing for my business and pleasure trip to California next week. 

So, since I've disappointed you for a week, I promise it won't happen again. Next week's posts are going to be all about what you want to hear, plus I have new sponsors to introduce on Monday! 

You have 2 options 

As you know, I'm very open, honest, and to the point. I don't like to beat around the bush or fluff things up. I get a lot of questions in comments and on Facebook, but what do you really want to know. You could ask about my job as a Social Media Strategist, being married to a Marine, hating our duty station, loving being stationed at Camp Pendleton, being a working mom to a toddler, working from home, anything. 

I'll be answering all of your questions next week and I cannot wait to see what you come up with. 

As I mentioned here, I'm offering a Sponsor Swap for 30 days, beginning on August 27! What? FREE? Yes! Just click here to grab you free ad space and to start gaining more readers on your blog! If I love you, obviously my readers will, too! 


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