August 03, 2012
life rearranged

Friday, July 27 to Friday, August 3 
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1& 2:: Reviewing & responding to Yelp! reviews. The customer isn't always right. 3:: August social media content planning over chips & salsa 4:: Brady cuddling with Iceman--his talking "daddy bear" from Build-a-Bear with a message from Travis recorded. 5:: Brady using chop sticks at 17 months old 6:: Judgemental grammar, menu and spelling nazi in action 7:: Bike ride 8:: Intense Lego building 9:: got my hurr did 10:: Ice cream with daddy 11:: NEW Scentsy Warmer! (my favorite) 12:: NEW ring set from mark. 13:: Sneak peak of Brady's new room 14:: Brady lets us know when it's time to be changed 15:: Halestorm - my most listened to this week 16:: Marine Corps Challenge Coins 17:: Goose 18:: $40 Allure Beauty Box 19:: The calm before the storm 20:: early morning clouds I want to hug 25:: Brady at the park 


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