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August 17, 2012
Happy Friday! I have been so busy that the blog calendar and scheduled posts have been ignored a little. I won't let it happen again! Last week, my in-laws were here and we had a lot of fun. Brady loved imitating everything his Aunt Bethany did, it was so cute. This week I've been catching up on work from barely working last week and starting a lot of new campaigns. FUN! Seriously, I love it. 

Here's a wrap up from the past couple of weeks via Instagram. Follow me @MotoWife! 

life rearranged

CENTER Faygo, Vernors and a smiley cookie. These are Michigan // Battle Creek must-haves. Don’t visit me without bringing them J ONE from light to dark - - back to normal TWO sarcastically ready to review Yelp! Reviews/in the middle of Yelp! Reviews THREE why everyone should at least wear mascara, eye liner is a bonus FOUR first of three IPL treatments to remove brown spots from years in the sun and 10 years in a tanning bed FIVE Brady’s new sheet SIX Brady’s 18 month checkup - - rearranging the waiting room - - his speech is amazing, his head is still big [duh] and he’s 32 inches tall   SEVEN tribute to Olympian Gabby Douglas in Virginia Beach EIGHT Goose NINE Cupcakes for Travis’ birthday TEN Fish Taco died - - meet Fish Filet ELEVEN Aunt Bethany, Brady and Travis at the beach TWELVE mini golf ha ha THIRTEEN through SIXTEEN Beach Days SEVENTEEN bike ride EIGHTEEN Busch Gardens NINTEEN Brady! TWENTY Sidewalk chalk 

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