I wasn't expecting this

August 27, 2012
Saying bye to Brady in the Jeep :( 
My alarm started going off at 4 a.m. and I was at the airport by 6. I departed Norfolk at 0645 and arrived in San Diego at 1050. I knew I was going to be happy to be back, but I didn't know I was going to be this happy. 

As we were descending into San Diego, the first thing I saw was 32nd Street Navy Base, more specifically, the ships. I got an instant smile on my face and I couldn't wipe it. Yes, my husband is a Marine, but he's done 2 MEUs and I get that mushy sense of pride for any branch. 

Semper Fi, bitches, I'm back! I might be working my ass off this week and spending morning to night with co-workers, but I don't care. My co-workers make me happy and so does my job. I am so thrilled to be back in San Diego. 

I'd rather sit in San Diego traffic than be in Virginia Beach
I spent the first few hours at Fashion Valley, obviously eating at Rubio's first. My friend, John, (click to check out his amazing photography) hung out with me for a few hours as we discussed our college life at CMU and beyond {but forgot to take a pic!}

I think I clean up well with a lack of sleep and time to get ready
During lunch, we experienced at least 2 earthquakes. I love earthquakes, guess it was my welcome back. There was a report that said there were at least 11 quakes after that. Hello, San Diego!! 

I headed to North County to my hotel, my favorite hotel, Grand Pacific Palisades, checked in then headed to Camp Pendleton. Who would've thought anyone would ever be excited to go on Camp Pendleton? I felt a sense of pride, I was back with Marines (we've been on a Naval Annex) and back home, did I mention the new MCX is amaze balls? It is. You should go. Of course, I had to get Brady a moto shirt! 
It's a Marine thing
I didn't even care that I was sitting in traffic. Who doesn't love living here? Well, I could answer that for you, but I don't know why people don't love living here. I don't get it. This is the best place on Earth. Perfect weather, plenty to do and plenty of places to drive to. 

I rushed back to the hotel and got ready in record time. Chris, one of our best  friends picked me up and we headed to the world-famous Stone Brewing Co. World Bistro. My favorite brewery and restaurant. I've been drooling over photos and talk of their 16th Anniversary IPA and Enjoy by 9.21.12 IPA. I had them both, and a very delicious and healthy spicy tilapia dinner. I miss it already. I do feel bad that I got to enjoy the two beers Travis has been wishing he could have. I'll find a way to get them to him. 
"Enjoy by 9.21.12"
It was an amazing day and night, even though I'm going to be jet lagged tomorrow, I'm sure. I've never been so excited to go to work before, I miss some of my coworkers and being in the Rubio's environment. There's a lot of eating and working out to be done this week and I can't wait. 
16th Anniversary IPA
I won't update every day, but I was just too excited not to. Have a great week! What are you looking forward to?


  1. I have hair envy! How do you curl it like that?

    1. I always thought it was about the products and that my hair sucked. False. It's the curling iron. I love the hot tools one 1 1/2" barrel, but i bought the new chi ceramic curling iron 1" when i got to CA and forgot mine . . . holy hell that thing is a MIRACLE worker. BUT the best way to have your hair curl like that is to point the barrel down adn wrap your hair around it, not use the clamp. if that makes no sense i can send you a pic

  2. I have hair envy... How do you get it to curl like that?