From the Mitten to Paradise . . . and now here

August 02, 2012
From growing up in Michigan to moving to California and now living in Virginia. This is my journey as a Marine Corps Wife. 

I didn't know how to salute properly, but maybe this was a sign.

I was adopted when I was 2 months old, from then on, I spent the next 18 years in one house with my parents and cat (he wasn't around for all 18 years). 

Michigan was cold in the winter, warm in the summer and perfect during spring and fall. 

I met my best friends in pre-school and sixth grade. 

My grandma lived 5 minutes away. 

I went to Central Michigan University after graduating high school. 

I met another best friend there. 

I studied journalism, business and marketing, and had a lot of fun. 
omg don't look a my hair 
I met Travis during my freshman year of college. 

We dated for four years. During those four years he was stationed in Missouri, California and deployed to Iraq. 

We got married 1 week, to the day, after I graduated college. 

I moved to California the next day. 

We left for our honeymoon the next day, Christmas Eve. 

We didn't have much time to take a honeymoon (Marine Corps Life) so we took a quick cruise to Cabo. 

We lived in California for 4 years and 4 deployments. 

We adopted Goose a few months after we got married. 

I adopted Maverick during Travis' 3rd deployment. 

Our son, Brady, was born 3 weeks before Travis' 5th deployment. 

We moved to Virginia at the end of January. 

We took a windy road trip to Virginia. California to Arizona to Texas to Alabama to Louisiana to Tennessee to Michigan to Pennsylvania to Virginia. 

We arrived at our new house in Virginia on Brady's first birthday. 

We spent a few weeks in Virginia Beach and began to pray for orders back to California as soon as possible.  

We are trying to make the best of it here, but we are miserable. Diseased mosquitos, diseased ticks (not to mention the ones they found with a new disease, only found here) red tides, brain eating organisms in the ocean, heat advisories all summer, not so good restaurants, the rude people and scuzzy beach town. 

At least I'll be back in California for 9 days at the end of the month for work. 

We haven't moved much and were fortunate to stay in California as long as we did, but I cannot wait to get back. If we can't go to California, I'd rather go to an embassy over seas than have to stay here or go to North Carolina. 

What's has your moving journey been like?


  1. I loved reading your Marine Corps story! I definitely need to do this too! I'm sorry to hear that you guys hate VA! Are y'all thinking about doing MSG duty? I hope you get orders soon! There is nothing worse than being in a place that you just don't like.

    1. We won't have orders for at least a year, so we're dealing with it. We wouldn't be doing MSG.

  2. Oh you were just too cute when you were little! I loved hearing about your story also and your dogs remind me of our dog.