Birthdays. . . big deal, or not?

August 14, 2012

My opinion of birthdays and my husband’s are very different.

My birthday is the day before St. Patrick’s Day. My husband’s is at the end of Summer.
Brady's 1st Birthday

My mom would bring shamrock cupcakes to my elementary school on my birthday. Travis wasn’t in school on his birthday.
Brady's 1st Birthday

I had a birthday celebration at school and then on the weekend. Travis didn’t have a big birthday celebration.
my best friend's daughter's first birthday
Do you think the time of year a birthday falls makes any difference? When I first met Travis he wasn’t big into birthdays, and I love birthdays, it’s a fun time to celebrate someone and do fun things. For years, I didn’t understand why he didn’t like birthdays, because I know guys who like birthdays.

Travis' 21st
One day he says that his birthday has never been a big deal, he didn’t have birthday parties and everyone at school didn’t celebrate his birthday, since it was summer. At my school, we celebrated summer birthdays throughout the year, I guess his school didn’t do that.
Brady's 1st
Maybe girls have more fun on their birthdays because it’s a time to do fun girly things, get a cute cake and dress up.

Over the years, Travis has been a little more open about celebrating his birthday, though every year he says he doesn’t want anything and he doesn’t want anyone to know that it’s his birthday. Too bad, you’re married to me.

Travis' 21st
His 21st birthday he was all for celebrating, and then spending the rest of the night in the bathroom. Ha, didn’t we all? Actually, I don’t think I did.  

His birthday was last week. His family was here and his sister's birthday is a few days after his. I got cupcakes from Just Cupcakes  and we went out to dinner and got one of our favorite steam pots. Not a big celebration, but cupcakes are always fun to have! 
Travis' 29th, Bethany's 13th

This photo really doesn't do justice of how large it was
My birthday was especially fun in college because we loved celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at our favorite bar, O’Kelly’s, so it became a weekend birthday celebration. In 2007 we went to the bar at 6 a.m. and didn’t leave until 2 a.m.  I remember every minute of it and it was a lot of fun to see everyone dressed in green, all of our friends were there and it was just a really fun time!

Here are a couple photos from my 21st birthday.

I don’t have any photos of my childhood birthdays, but plan on scanning a lot of photos the next time I visit Michigan.
Brady's 1st 
Is your birthday a big deal? I want to know! 


  1. I was born the 1st weekend of deer season, to a dad that hunts. (Ok well, technically I was born on Monday after 48 hours of labor ...there went most of the 1st weekend that year!) My birthday was always celebrated on the day, but weekend activities were usually with my friends who were also "fatherless" during hunting season weekends.

  2. I celebrate a birthday month. haha :)

    I dont think every year there has to be some huge celebration but there should always be a gift, cake, and family/friends involved. :)