Awesome, it's August!

August 01, 2012
Well hello, August, you sure snuck up on us. Someone told me that it's not summer in Virginia Beach until its 113* at 3 a.m. I guess August is probably the month it's going to happen. We haven't done many summer activities  because we've been hiding from the red tides, brain-eating amebas, deadly mosquitos and ticks. Seriously. This place is hell.  

But, I say goodbye to July and I welcome August with open arms. Travis' mom, step-dad and sister are visiting soon and I'm heading to California at the end of the month. Perfect. 

Top Posts from July

The first of the month is always fun except for those big bills that are due. 

Scentsy: New warmer & scent of the month but that's not all. During August only, sign up to be a Scentsy representative for $99 and you will receive the fall and spring welcome kit. It includes Spring/Summer 2012 testers and catalogs and Fall/Winter 2012 testers and catalogs at no additional cost. This is the best time to join, I actually joined 1 year ago for that reason. 

I'm not big into selling, I basically joined just for the discount. I love buying new scents and changing the ones in my house pretty often. Plus, my friends and family already loved Scentsy so I didn't have to sell them on it. They buy from me and I make a little cash on the side. Fun! 

So, to join or if you have any questions, visit https://chickey.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Join

Now, introducing the August Scent & Warmer of the Month 
Whoot Warmer & Neverland Scent 

I don't like Neverland, I think it smells guy-ish and outdoorsy, but if that's the scent you're looking for- it's perfect!  

Whoot is my absolute, all-time favorite warmer and is 10% off during August ($31.50) 

Happy August, what are you excited about?


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