what's your pin style?

July 01, 2012
Maybe it's the ESTJ in me, always having to have a plan of action, but I have a Pinterest style. I don't mean, style boards, I'm talking about the way I use Pinterest.
If I'm running low on time, or don't have the patience to click through each pin to verify that it is a valid or relevant link, I click like. When I have time, I revisit my likes and click through each pin to make sure the links are relevant, if they aren't, I first do a google image search with that photo to see if I can find it's source, if I cannot, I will unlike the pin and pretend it doesn't exist. If the photo is clear enough that it doesn't need a link- like the way a room is painted or frames are hung, I will note that I like the design and that there is no click through.

What about when I'm on Pinterest.com and not sifting through my likes? I browse all of my friends' pins, then I click 'everything' and browse those, then click 'popular' and browse those, and if I'm still spending a lot of time on it, I'll start browsing categories and searching keywords that interest me.

I rarely repin photos when I'm using the mobile Pinterest app. I like to verify things are accurate, often I go through and like a bunch of pins to keep me occupied later. I don't 'like' them for the same reason you would like a post on Facebook.

Why do you use Pinterest? What do your boards say about you? Do you care about your boards? It's so funny, as I write this, I just got this comment on Facebook:

Outside of Pinterest
Did you know that you can use Pinterest without being on Pinterest? I sure hope that you know that, though a lot of my Facebook friends that I follow, I'm pretty sure they just repin things all day long to be cool. Use the Pin It button when you're on external websites and see things you like, like this post, shower curtains, furniture and etc... You cannot pin images from Facebook.

I use Pinterest as a virtual bookmarking site-which is what it is intended for. I pin for reference. Things I would like to do to my house, and could do and afford. Birthday party ideas, fashion (I don't pin every Polyvore photo cluster I see, I rarely pin those) I pin things that I want to buy, have or do. I have a lot of boards because I like to be specific. I follow a lot of people because I like to have options.

So if you take anything away from this post, have some pin-courtesy. Check the source of your pins, make sure they link to something relevant. More often than not, I see people pinning photos of hot bodies and how to lose weight, have you actually clicked through? They usually go to crap websites or nowhere at all. You lose credibility when you pin garbage. I'm sure most of you don't dominate the social media world like I, but have a little respect for yourself and others. How crazy do I sound writing this?

Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Pinterest? I enjoy Mashable, Perfect Palette & Alison Ramsey, just to name a few. Follow me. Pin legit with me!


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