the dreaded phrase that no one wants to hear

July 19, 2012

In the past, I didn't give one-year-olds much credit, until this year. Brady is 17 months old and I am blown away by the things he does. He doesn't tie his shoes or write his name, but maybe in the back of my mind, kids are just fun to play with until they go to school. I know better.

I cannot believe how smart he is and I mean toddler smart, not "smarter than every kid, especially yours" smart. The things he says and does make me say the dreaded phrase I thought I would never say, at least not for 17 more years "They grow up so fast."

Damnit, they do! 17 months old, letting us know what he does or does not want, that he's all done, he loves the doggiiiiieeeesss, throws garbage away without being asked or told and heads upstairs and straight to his bathroom after dinner, if it was a messy dinner.

As you know, Brady will probably be an only child, and I'm cool with that. I see pictures of babies and I do the ooohhs and 
                                                    awwws (most of the time, not
 all kids are cute-yep, I went there). Anyways, I loved the 14 weeks of laying around with my newborn, snuggling and taking  
                                                      a lot  of naps. Good times. Good times. I would love to do it again, but with Brady, not another newborn. 

I'm the type of person who likes      
                                                      to do something, say I've done it and move on. I didn't hate being pregnant, and I didn't hate having a newborn, but I did it, so let's keep the ball rolling and go on with life.

Back on track. Time flies. Every once in a while I'll look at photos from Brady's first year and cherish the memories, but time went by so fast. In the moment, 
  time crawled at times. Now my little guy is squirmy, doesn't want to be held unless he asks to be held, not much of a cuddlier unless he's super tired or sick neither happen often and he seems to do so well on his own. No, he's not going to move out and get a job, but he plays well alone, let's us know when he wants or needs something, lets us know when it's time to change his diaper and etc... he's a self-suffiencent little man. Stop growing up so fast. It's so fun to teach him new things and see what he teaches himself, but the days are flying by and those newborn moments and photos seem like years and years ago! I should've taken more pictures.

Toddlers are definitely more fun than newborns, but newborns are fun to cuddle with.  I keep telling myself to slow down and enjoy, cherish and remember every moment. They grow up so fast!


  1. they do grow up way fast! Just reading about how Brady is and how he is so independant makes me so nervous! Evelyn is 1 tomorrow and she is still a little dependant on me and I cant believe soon she should be doing all that.
    Its amazing how kids change your outlook on life so fast! I do wish though that Evelyn would be my snuggly newborn again. I'll never have that again even if we decide to have another baby.

  2. So darn true. I miss cuddling with mine all the time, he is four and I just am glad that when he gets sleepy he still likes to cuddle!

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  4. Amen! When Van was born I got so sick of all the old ladies telling me to treasure him, because "they grown up so fast." Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Now I get it. With 3, I'm done. But sometimes I wish I could squish them small into the infant they were, just for a day.