Selecting & Announcing a Baby's Name

July 31, 2012

What a process! We had the hardest time naming our first dog, Goose. Yes, Goose. 
Goose from Top Gun, the aviation movie. The Marine Corps family with a dog named Goose, named after a character in an aviation movie. Yep, that's us! 

Not to get into why we named Goose Goose and not Maverick, but it was hard naming our dog. Eventually we got a second dog and named him Maverick. Our home is now complete with our two very own wingmen. 
Goose (left) really doesn't look that weird, he was just really uncomfortable?

When I got pregnant, I thought "How are we ever going to choose a name for our child when we took a week to name Goose." We had 13 weeks to ignore the thought of picking a name for our child, then we found out we were having a boy. 

Oh, let the games begin. The name game could almost be called the divorce game. Not really, but we didn't agree on much. 

We downloaded apps, bought books, and searched the internet until we could search no longer. I'm not going to include the names or types of names that we do not like despise, because the last thing I want to do is hurt someone's feelings. Yes, I'm caring about feelings right now. I'm sure our child's name isn't everyone's favorite, but I'd rather not know, because it's his name and he'll have it until he decides to change it. No he will not! 

I'll be a bit vague with how we quickly ruled out a lot of names. 
Sayonara to names with bad nicknames, ends in a certain three letters, can't pronounce it, could rhyme with mean words, anyone in our families that have the name and etc... I think those were our top no ways. 

We didn't want to name him after anyone in our family, because well, didn't want to deal with everyone’s opinions or those people that we could vision getting mad that we didn't pick their name. No thanks.  I also do not like trendy names, like the ones that have been made up and surfaced within the last 10 years. I’ll stop there.

He’s already stuck with the last name Hickey, so we had to be careful with what we paired with that, consider any potential nicknames and etc…

We considered a few names and sat on them for a couple weeks Bradley (my maiden name), Brady, Brody (I don’t think this was ever a strong option) and Gabriel. There were other names here and there. I liked the sound of my name growing up, Chelsea Bradley. The ‘E’ sound at the end of each name sounds good together and I realized I could get away with that for my son since my name still has that ring—Chelsea Hickey. Travis is the odd ball out, but it’s his original last name so at least give him credit for that?

There weren’t too many names for us to consider that ended with the ‘e’ sound. One day I sent Travis a text that said “Brady Gabriel” and he sent a text back that said “And now, please welcome the starting quarterback for the University of Michigan, number twenty one, Brady Gabriel Hickey. Ok sounds good, Brady Gabriel it is.” (You must read that last text in a sport announcer voice). We talked about it a little bit when we got home and decided to keep thinking about it over the weekend. I said “We will have a name finalized and announced to everyone by Monday.” If I didn’t set a deadline, we would never decide.

I wanted a solid name. We talked about "Brady" as a newborn, toddler, child, teenager and adult. Brady seemed to fit all aspects. 

Brady Gabriel Hickey. No nickname and BGH doesn’t stand for anything strange, sold.
Clearly, I'm not an artist.
We went to the pumpkin patch that weekend with a pumpkin in my belly and purchased two pumpkins for us and one for Brady. Yes, one for the fetus, but I had plans. I painted his name on the pumpkin and posted a photo to Facebook (after we called everyone close to us, of course).
Me, Brady & Maverick
We decided on the name in October and Brady was born in February. That was a weight off of my shoulders. As soon as we finalized his name, I bought him some blocks to spruce up his new room.

Do you have a story about naming your child(ren) or are you currently in Mission: Name Baby? I want to hear all about it!


  1. My husband and I don't have children yet but we already have two boys names picked out. That definitely means we are having a girl first haha

  2. LOL. We also said our kids names in a sports announcers voice, it was very important to us in choosing!

  3. that is such a cute way of announcing his name!
    your blog layout is so so so cute :)

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)
    xo brie