New Blog Design Reveal

July 26, 2012

Yes, you’re in the right place! I’m happy to reveal my new blog design—below is the old header that you probably recognize.

I love changing designs—from my office to our master bedroom bedding, I don’t stick with the same design for long. I try to, but when it comes to decorating and design, I don’t mind change.

I really like my old design, but I felt it was a bit childish and slightly reminded me of some blog designs that I don’t like. So, it was time to give Diamonds, Dog Tags & Diapers a fresh, crisp and clean look, with a tiny bit of sparkle.

This design isn’t quite what I envisioned when I wrote the creative brief, but I was pleasantly surprised, there’s definitely a lot more color than I was planning on, but I guess we don’t want it to be boring, right?

I went back and forth on fonts, I am a complete font snob. I decided on these before I went into 200 additional rounds of creative. I don’t think I’ll ever find the perfect fonts. I am still working on the navigation bar font, though.

Things at work have died down a bit, so content will now be more regular and even more interesting!

I hope it’s easy on your eyes and you find it crisp and refreshing! I strive to keep content on my sidebar minimal and not cluttered. Too often I leave blogs because there is just too much “noise” on the page.

I am still compiling a list of blogs to feature on the blog love page, so if you’d like to be featured, please comment with your link below!

I’m also looking for a handful of guest bloggers for the month of August, comment below or contact me if you’re interested.

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  1. Ugh. I need to actually sit down and figure out a design for my blog (oh right, and blog....), I don't have one itty bitty creative design bone in my body though. It's going to be painful! Love the new design though!

  2. It looks great! I think the pop of color is just enough. I'm thinking about switching to one sidebar too because it just seems less cluttered and easier to read.

  3. Love the new design! Looks wonderful!