Moment of Silence, Mil Blogger & Flight Medic killed on return from Afghanistan

July 26, 2012
Eric (Army Sgt. Williams) has been a military blogger since 2008, keeping us up to date on his life as a flight medic at http://myfriendthemedic.blogspot.com/

Sgt. Williams died Monday in Afghanistan. 

On Tuesday, July 17 he posted his final post: Coming Home. It's not just about coming home, it's about life in America now, how Afghanistan has changed him and his comrades and some eye-opening experiences. Please read it.
"The truth is that the general American public couldn’t give a shit about us. They want their Starbucks and celebrity gossip and their “16 and pregnant”"

Eric is a well-respected blogger in the Milblogging community. We lost a friend, and a hero. 

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