the meaning behind MotoWife

July 08, 2012

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  ~Abraham Lincoln

I don't think someone should identify themselves by identifying someone else. I'm probably going to make a lot of people angry with what I'm about to say, but you have to realize that I'm also contradicting myself.

"Marine Wife" "Military Spouse" "Army Girlfriend" "Navy FiancĂ©" Fine, you are what you are, BUT that shouldn't be the first thing you tell people or the first two words to describe yourself. I hope that's not all that you are. Civilians don't tell people they are a "Marketing Manager's Wife" "Electrician's FiancĂ©" they tell what THEY personally are, first. Yes, you're personally a spouse, but what defines YOU? There are plenty of circumstances when listing your marital status and/or that you're a parent is appropriate and maybe it is your entire life. Just read this post as a generalization. If I caught your attention, when you're done here, head over to You Served and read Reality Check, MilWives, you didn't earn squat

Now, if what defines you is being a spouse, such as you're the spouse of a wounded veteran, widow of a veteran or you being a spouse of an active duty military member is in conjunction with your job, purpose or goals in life-that's understandable. Like Wife [Widow] of a Wounded Marine

The only reason I have Marine Wife listed in my Twitter bio is because they are key words. Military wives like to network with each other and certain organizations. That is the only reason it is there. When I meet someone and they ask what I do, I tell them my career, and if it's necessary, I tell them I am a Marine Wife- maybe we are talking about deployments, or why I'm somewhere alone or talking about my blog, I don't randomly tell people who my spouse is. When people ask my mother-in-law what she does for a living, she tells them what her career is, not what her son's career is. 

Silent ranks? No, you're a spouse. A civilian spouse. You want to have a rank? Enlist. 

Oh, you came here to find out the meaning behind my Twitter handle, right? Ok, I'll get to that now. 
Let's break it down Moto. Wife. 

Moto: Not short for motocross. Well, it is, but not in my situation. Short for "motivator" and "motivated." A term, used both pejoratively and endearingly, in the Marine Corps to describe anyone who is a motivated hard-charger or any thing (t-shirt, sweatshirt, bumper sticker, etc.) that promotes that type of Marine. So, why me? I am a proud Marine wife and friend. I've always supported our troops, even before it was cool, and I wore the hoodies and had the sticker on my car in high school to prove it. Dare you wear a USMC shirt near a USMC base or a group or Marines. If you do, you become a motard. I am proud to be moto, but do not show it as much as I used to, now I poke fun at the young motards. It's the moto lifecycle. 

Wife: Duh. 

Put them together: MotoWife: Anyone who knows the term moto knows that I am married to a Marine and I'm damn proud of it. 

Why is MotoWife my Twitter handle if I firmly believe someone's spouse shouldn't define them? It's the Twitterverse, it's two words for people browsing a Twitter search or their streams to know a little about me, just by two words. Click on my bio and you'll find out a lot more about me. I don't have a MotoWife license plate, jewelry or anything else, actually. Twitter handles should be short, easy to remember and make an impact. MotoWife has done me well. I seem to connect faster and more easy with people who have Twitter handles that are self-explanatory. If you're CuteBabe390780979 I'm not really interested. YourName - you're probably worth talking to, you want people to know your name. My husband is iBikeTrek, clearly, he likes to mountain bike and he rides a Trek. So tell me in the comments below, what's your Twitter handle?

So there you have it, I'm moto and I'm a wife, but what defines me is that I am a social media and email marketing strategist, and now a mom. MotoMom? Not me. There is a MotoMom on Twitter (just searched) and I know nothing about her. First thought is that her child is involved in motocross. Motoson is Japanese, and I'm going to assume he's not a Moto Son. 

Semper Fidelis!


  1. Um excuse me...I am a kellogg wife!

  2. Love this post. That article about the wives and their husbands ranks make me want to slap people! Maybe we're old fashioned in wanting to have our own identity, separate from our military men... I mean really maybe people think we should combine email addresses and Facebook accounts too. *gag* lol

  3. Yep, that's why I started another blog that doesn't have anything to do with the military. I was feeling a certain pressure on Our Military Home and my life is so much more than my husband's career (thank God)! But yeah, on Twitter, it's good to have some identification as a military spouse.

  4. I feel like a lot of the girls that do call themselves that don't really have much of a career or life of their own- throughout my blog and twitter followers, the 'Marine Wives' and members of the 'silent ranks' (eww) are stay at home moms or just non-working, attention seeking women.

  5. I have to take a little offense to the comment by "Anonymous". Maybe I am just being overly sensitive or reading it incorrectly...but just because a woman chooses to be a stay at home mom doesn't mean that she does not have a life of her own...or that she didn't used to have a career. I have a master's degree, my own hobbies, and interests apart from my husband. But I have also chosen to be a stay at home mom because that is what is important to me, more important than my career. I also take pride in the fact that my husband is a Marine. I am proud of him and proud to identify a part of myself as a marine wife.